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17th FOU Milsim Recruiting (Middle East Escalation Mod)

DobsonDobson Member Posts: 7 Civilian

Good afternoon,

The 17th FOU Milsim unit is a newly formed group with great aims, we will run MilSim evenings where we do realistic scenarios with a solid structure and great atmosphere. As we continue to develop and gain momentum we will host many more events with the eventual aim of Unit Vs Unit nights. In unit we will host set operations that have been pre planned. We use the Middle East Escalation mod in order to create a more authentic feel to what we want to achieve as a unit.

We have people with real life military experience that hope to help generate an environment that strives for good teamwork, communication but most of all fun. Although we are a Milsim unit we realise that you have to enjoy what you're doing and what you're part of.


Joining the 17th FOU is simple, connect to our discord and one of our recruitment team will contact you and go through a few basic questions. Please check our basic joining requirements first.

Age: 17+

Language: English

Mic: Yes

Other Information:

Discord: Please DM me for information or contact me on steam at ItsSDGaming

Server: 17th FOU Milsim [EU]

Thank you,



  • DobsonDobson Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Discord code: https://discord.gg/UZX3p7yv

  • DobsonDobson Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    New Link Discord:  


  • DobsonDobson Member Posts: 7 Civilian


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