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Setting up "SquadGame.exe" to "High Priority" in the "Processes" tab workaround.

YouniqueYounique Bucharest RomaniaMember Posts: 4

A registry edit guide to help those with an older CPUs squeze in some potential extra FPS. The edit basically does what the title suggests and is valid everytime u launch the game afterwards.

1) Open the Registry Editor (as administrator) by typing "regedit" (no quotes) into the Windows search bar and right clicking it

 2) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

 3) Right click on this folder and create a new key called "SquadGame.exe" (no quotes)

 4) Right click on the new SquadGame.exe folder and create a key called "PerfOptions" (no quotes)

 5) Right click on the new PerfOptions folder and create a new DWORD (32 bit) called "CpuPriorityClass" (no quotes)

 6) Double click on CpuPriorityClass in the right hand window and change the value to 3


  • ThiagolpvThiagolpv Member Posts: 22

    Most of time, I see my CPU beeing bottleneck while playing SQUAD, but GPU beeing bottleneck in all other titles.

    Ryzen 5 3600 (doesn't matter if stock or OC (4.35GHz)) / 16GB RAM @3000MHz / XFX RX 5700

    Should it work with my CPU?

  • YouniqueYounique Bucharest RomaniaMember Posts: 4

    That happens becuz Squad likes to dump everything on Core 0 no matter the CPU. In theory this should help regardless of what CPU you have but it's gonna be more ( if at all ) noticeable on older CPUs.

  • DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    If you don't mind launching squad from a bat file below command line can be played around with regarding the affinity value.

    C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C Start /affinity 1 <Steamapps>\common\Squad\SquadGame.exe

  • Mister SkippyMister Skippy Member Posts: 7 ★★

    I'll give it a try, last time I did it in V1, didn't really notice a difference but thanks !

  • ArdurasArduras Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    That's terrible lol, at least let the whole CPU spread the load, SMT/whatever. What's the point of having more than 1 core if the game just dumps it all on core 0 + Unreal Engine doesn't support multi-threaded game logic last I read. Might've changed but I'm sure some stuff like vehicle/infantry/asset positions/rendering (ie anything that isn't shooting/hitreg/flag cap/game logic) can be tossed onto other cores.

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