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LAV 25A2 current commander-seat implementation is really awkward

Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 63 ★★
edited July 2 in Feedback & Suggestions

Please either give commander stabilization (it highly likely IRL has, right? Since it even has thermal vision, an eye-safe laser range finder, a fire-control solution and far-target location target grid information IRL...) or consider removing commander seat altogether to not make players realize they will get nauseous from players that drive the LAV-25 around like crazy while you're being in that "commander"-seat. Thank you. Please provide sources for commander of LAV-25 not having stabilization. Thanks.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited July 12

    First remove australian tank commander stabilization. That one actually doesn't have stabilizer.

  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 31

    Not going to happen, and that is completely fine. OWI are opting for gameplay balance over realism which is probably healthier for the game.

    Adding thermals is a whole kettle of fish, and I won't go far into explain the impacts on everything if that gets added, but the one implementation of thermals we have seen from a mod (the closest thing we have) made the game too easy. Laser range finding would be cool and fine to add, and the GPS thingy is called a SL/FTL mark.

    The commander seat is good when you are static and shooting from afar, if you get dizzy, just look away from the screen, that's what I do.

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