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Basic Engineer Guide - For anyone that wants to blow up some stuff!

WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 19 ★★

Hey guys! My favourite kit in Squad is the Engineer! And sometimes I see people play this kit and wonder if they know what the kit actually does?!

Some basics

  1. The Engineer often does not have much ammo. It is thus not the best class to solely push and often needs backup to remain supplied
  2. The Engineer has double the shovel speed. So double building speed and double digging down!
  3. An engineer combined with a small squad is able to search and destroy enemy FOBs very efficiently!


  1. mines need to be dug down when placed. Otherwise, they are not armed!
  2. mines are very powerful vs unarmoured or less armoured vehicles and often result in a 1-hit kill or at least incapacitate it
  3. mines are decent vs armoured vehicles and often destroys tracks
  4. mines EXPLODE ON FRIENDLIES. So if you put down a mine, make sure you notify your team!
  5. mines are easy to spot on open roads. Put mines on the side of the road, under a rock or under garbage on the street
  6. If you put a mine underneath a medium-sized rock or garbage on some maps, it vanishes. In other words, it becomes impossible to spot!
  7. You can put down up to 10 mines in general (not sure about this, sometimes I can put even more but sometimes I can only put around 5)


  1. The IED is more powerful than C4 and can be remote detonated (think about suicide bikes ...)
  2. Only use IED suicide bikes, don't bother with putting an IED on a bigger vehicle. The friendly tickets loss when the friendly vehicle is destroyed is often not worth the enemy ticket loss
  3. C4 has a blast radius of around 10meters. If you are 10m away from the C4, it won't damage you (IED has a larger radius, I normally always assume 20meters is a safe radius for the IED but I am unsure about this)
  4. C4/IED are very powerful tools to take down radios! 1 of these combined with a few shovels on the radio is enough to destroy it or put it in bleed out!
  5. C4/IED can pass through walls! So don't run behind a wall or up the stairs thinking you are safe from the explosive, just get 10/20m away from it!
  6. C4 is kinda meh versus vehicles. It can destroy an unarmoured vehicles but most it can do vs armoured is only damage the tracks (if you are very lucky, it might destroy the tracks)

barbed wire and sandbags

  1. These are very useful tools in early fortification!
  2. They require ammo to build and not construction points! Often when a HAB is build, they are easier/cheaper to use as construction points are used quickly due to FOB, Ammo, MG nest, mortars, ...
  3. Don't stand in the barbed wire when you build it.... you will die ....

Closing words

So I know most of this stuff is very basics for many people but sometimes I get questions asking about the Engineer class or I see people not using their sandbags or C4 or just randomly putting mines down in very visible areas. I probably forgot some stuff or might have written some mistakes in this small guide (I normally only play BAF, so I'm not as knowledgeable about IED) so go ahead and post in the comments if you feel like adding something! (if ppl think this guide was somewhat useful, ill go ahead and post another on Mortars and AT)

If you ever need some more help, tips or tricks, just DM me on the forums, on discord (WhyPhy#4332) or ask me here! :D


  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 46 ★★

    mines need to be dug down when placed. Otherwise, they are not armed!

    I don't believe this is true.

    You can dig a mine to bury it but its armed after a second or two.

  • TheVeryAverageGamerTheVeryAverageGamer Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    thank you for this !

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