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Improvments suggestions : Chat & Squad management submenu

_Fr_SPΛRTΛN_Fr_SPΛRTΛN FranceMember Posts: 9 Civilian

Hi dear Devs, (and sry for my bad english)

May I suggest 2 things you could improve within further updates please :

1) CHAT :

The option to display/not display chat ingame is great, TY ; but is it possible to add options to it ? I mean, admins and Squad/Team/All chat are crucial for sure, but players dis-connecting, not really ; and when its constantly happening, it sometimes really floods the chat and can be immersion-killing... So my suggestion is the following options :

Chat : show ALL = all informations displayed in chat on screen

Chat : show ONLY : (tick boxes : players connecting/disconnecting ; admins informations ; Squad/Team/All chat)

Chat : hide ALL : no chat on screen


When managing squad with right-click on members, the sub-menu often disappears and it can be really tricky sometimes to promote/kick/assign... people, especially when under heavy fire and you have to be quick, when you have to click 2-3 times on a guy to give him an FTL because the menu disappears because your mouse went 1/2 inch away from the sub-menu... You see what I mean ? To be more precise, the sub-menu does not "disappear", it appears randomly up or down, is really not accurate under the pointer, and is really very sensitive, disappearing if you are not accurate enough with the pointer... In a word, possible to widen the area of effect of this sub-menu please ?

I hope I made myself clear enough...?

Thank you anyway for the really great job, these are only ideas, no pressure on you, feel free to improve it or not ; and I wouldn't suggest something if not heavily tested before 😕



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