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Layer Feedback: Al Basrah Invasion v5

Problem: The current layer is extremely stacked against MEA. The attacking team, CAF, has better infantry and better vehicles, which initially makes sense because they should.

Adding in the inability of MEA to put down TOW emplacements and making the entire map have little fog effectively multiplies the effectiveness of the two Leopard MBTs that CAF gets to the point where there is no foreseeable way to actually counter this advantage.

On other Al-Basrah layers, like the ones with Insurgents, at least you have IED drones, IED bikes etc to counter this armour threats, with TOWs, MEA has absolutely nothing to counter the armour threats.

This creates a horrible experience for the MEA side.

Solution: Make the map foggier again, like Invasion v1. Fog reduces the effectiveness for armour to plink and allows for defenders to more easily take out tanks. Additionally, re-add the TOWs back to the defenders, while it made sense for the layer where CAF defending against INS, in this conventional vs conventional layer, the TOW gives the ability for smart defenders to punish armour and relinquishes the map control back to the MEA side. TOWs aren't just for killing armour, they are a way to control where the tank can move safely.


  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 31

    edit 1: The TOWs would also reduce the mobility of the helicopter, currently the BMP-2 would be the only thing to truly limit its movement, which means its not focusing on the other armoured threats, which is unfair for the MEA side to deal with.

  • NecrosexualNecrosexual Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Im not liking the current layer with the invisible wall during staging.

    I enjoyed the difficulty and challenge of attacking as CAF. Now it feels like the game is catering to players unwilling to get good.

    Not good. Dark souls was popular for a reason

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited July 15

    This game has been shafting the defenders for ages; even before all the invisible wall/logi spawn...etc. nerf, very few cases were where attackers were truly disadvantaged.

    I see only one plausible case where attackers needed some help - when insurgents were the attackers on al-basrah. (worse gun and worse vehicle as attacker against enemy team that has TOW...lolwtf they have far higher chance of losing even if they made it onto cap)

    OWI and many part of the skilless playerbase just can't accept the fact that bumrushing onto cap should fail 9/10 times against decent defenders and that it's entirely attacker's fault that they can't even take first point despite having all the vehicle...etc. advantage.

    The thing is, the more assets/earlyfobs they remove from defenders, the more game is decided on individual skill(whether, in this case, two MEA RPG-29 can erase enemy armor fast enough - which generally isn't plausible) and that's entirely against the whole point of this game being called "Squad."

    So the changes were meant to make bumrushing first cap work at least 5/10 times...but they forget the fact that assets respawn overtime and this can be done multiple times on all caps.(yet blufor commonly still have the delayed helicopter spawn, which is way too much)

    And it gets far worse when attackers are the overall slightly more skilled side. (plenty of times where defenders easily lose due to ticket loss before the last two caps; not that it wasn't happening before all the defender nerfs)

    What's next? Removal of RPG-29 or replacing at least one with RPG-7? LOL

    I think whoever OWI is consulting on game "balance" is heavily into political correctness(hence russiabad) and just loves to play blufor to rely on superior weaponry/vehicles to win a little more. The 50(or rather, 40 live players with 10 people "unassigned" waiting for slot on blufor to open up to switch teams) people on other side is subhuman to them.

    Even mobile games know to buff design-wise unpopular characters with superior power level to get them used more; not OWI, gotta make the more popular factions both popular and stronger.

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