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Couple of my suggestions

BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

Squad needs a lot of updates and improvements in the basics to advanced improvements my suggestion is to launch the night weather for the addition of special forces and also a new map in conjunction with the addition of special forces in the game and options to change the weapon's components such as the grip, scope and stock according to player choice and map needs not only for special forces but for all factions but forces specials would have better and more options for weapons and equipment (sight, stock, grip, silencer) with the in-game silencer deferral which is ideal for special forces as long as it doesn't take damage from the weapon.

Other things they need is the variation of vehicles and aircraft for special forces and conventional forces.

As for example the CH-47, Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk and other equivalent aircraft to have the variation of aircraft, at the moment we only have the Bell UH-1Y Venom, UH-60 Blackhawk, Aérospatiale SA-330 Puma, Bell CH-146 Griffon and Mil Mi-8, we only have 5 aircraft in the game.

It is interesting that we could have variations of aircraft in departures for certain situations, the Chinook is an aircraft for transporting troops and vehicles, with the implementation of this helicopter it is possible for pilots to transport light or heavy vehicles with cables hooked to certain positions.

Machine gun variations on helicopter ports and the addition of the M134 Minigun on the Black Hawk.

Deploy rappelling and parachute, the Chinook is a helicopter that is also possible to perform parachute jumps.

Add codenames to squads by changing the conventional names of Squad 1, 2, 3 etc.... bringing greater realism to the game.


  • thebiglezthebiglez Member Posts: 35 ★★

    i think these changes would take a lot of resources to do, but bring very little improvement to the game.

    except for rappeling, but that is already confirmed that its going to come eventually.

  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 31

    I don't think attachment selection would be necessary, in many of the world's militaries its a "You get what you are given" system.

    Special forces exist, and give more customisation options like you mention, see MEE/Steel Division mods. They can stay mods and I don't see why OWI would pursue this style of gameplay because it is vastly different to the point where it would dissuade people from it.

    Chinhook would be cool.

    Nay to miniguns on the side of helicopters, helicopter gunshipping is the probably the stupidest tactic that exists and we need to dissaude players from using the helicopter like an IFV and to use it like a spotting tool or to... you know.... actually run logistics with it.

    Rappelling is planned by OWI... so 3 weeks when we see that.

    Codenames would be cool but that would change per military, I think Squad 1 system is good for now.

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    add the possibility of being able to shoot when boarding the boat/boat and variation of helicopters and vehicles on maps/rounds

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    can`t forget the german faction

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    and be able to swim for a LIMITED time

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    also about the helicopter pilot, the copliot is also capable of piloting. this would be amazing, if the pilot was injured or unable to fly for some other reason the copilot would do the job

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    160th SOAR in the game along with special forces in set would be very cool

  • BlackShark-BlackShark- Member Posts: 11 Civilian
    edited July 21

    The scenarios should be destructible. the artillery is dropping an explosion or shots from aircraft or armored vehicles (APC, Tank etc...) against a wall a building and not causing any destruction. nothing happens. Imagine how bizarre it is for a heavy armored vehicle to hit a wall a tree or a fence and nothing happens wtf

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