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/\gMg/\ Green Mountain Gaming

gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 4 Civilian

Hello and thanks for stopping in to learn more about Green Mountain Gaming. My name is Cameron, AKA /\gMg/\ Smiley. Green Mountain Gaming was created by a group of Squad Players and Friends out of the depths of another beloved squad community. We are here to offer tactically fulfilling gameplay while also focusing on fostering a respectful, friendly, non-toxic, admin accessible community. Please join us on our discord at discord.gg/greenmountaingaming Below you will find our discord server rules and Squad Server rules. We look forward to fighting alongside you on the battlefield!!!

Our Discord Rules are as follows-

•  Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any derogatory speech regarding one’s race, religion, creed, or sex

•  No direct personal attacks 

•  This is not a place to discuss politics

•  No Posting of Gore 

•  No Posting of Pornography

-  If you are here for a Ban Appeal, please direct yourself to the Ban-Appeals Channel.

-  If you are here to make a complaint of an issue in the server, please direct yourself to Server-Complaints.

-  Any complaints about admin abuse please message @/\gMg/\ Smiley 

If you have any specific complaints about our server, please contact [email protected]

Our Squad server Rules are as follows-

RULE 1. Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any slurs/derogatory speech regarding one’s race, ethnicity, religion, creed, affiliation, or sex.

RULE 2. No Direct Personal Attacks

Rule 3. No Trolling, Griefing, Ghosting

Rule 4. No Hacking or Intentional Glitching

Rule 5. All Squad leaders must intend to Squad Lead throughout the game, Have an SL kit, Have a microphone and used in English. Creating a squad means you intend to lead this squad for the duration of the game.

Rule 6. Armor Claims are first come first serve.

Rule 7. Armor requiring crewmen must be minimum manned by two crewmen.

Rule 8. Any Armor requiring the crewmen role must be its own squad. 

Rule 9. Heli Squads are limited to 4 people

Rule 10. Commanders must be in an infantry squad

Rule 11. No advertising of other Squad Servers/Clans and no solicitation. 

Rule 12. Anything Detrimental to Server Health (Egregious Toxicity, Asset Wasting, Main Camping) will be dealt with appropriately by admins with consultation.


  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Our Discord link has changed to discord.gg/gmgaming

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