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/\gMg/\ Green Mountain Gaming

gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

Hello and thanks for stopping in to learn more about Green Mountain Gaming. My name is Cameron, AKA /\gMg/\ Smiley. Green Mountain Gaming was created by a group of Squad Players and Friends out of the depths of another beloved squad community. We are here to offer tactically fulfilling gameplay while also focusing on fostering a respectful, friendly, non-toxic, admin accessible community. Please join us on our discord at discord.gg/greenmountaingaming Below you will find our discord server rules and Squad Server rules. We look forward to fighting alongside you on the battlefield!!!

Our Discord Rules are as follows-

•  Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any derogatory speech regarding one’s race, religion, creed, or sex

•  No direct personal attacks 

•  This is not a place to discuss politics

•  No Posting of Gore 

•  No Posting of Pornography

-  If you are here for a Ban Appeal, please direct yourself to the Ban-Appeals Channel.

-  If you are here to make a complaint of an issue in the server, please direct yourself to Server-Complaints.

-  Any complaints about admin abuse please message @/\gMg/\ Smiley 

If you have any specific complaints about our server, please contact [email protected]

Our Squad server Rules are as follows-

RULE 1. Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any slurs/derogatory speech regarding one’s race, ethnicity, religion, creed, affiliation, or sex.

RULE 2. No Direct Personal Attacks

Rule 3. No Trolling, Griefing, Ghosting

Rule 4. No Hacking or Intentional Glitching

Rule 5. All Squad leaders must intend to Squad Lead throughout the game, Have an SL kit, Have a microphone and used in English. Creating a squad means you intend to lead this squad for the duration of the game.

Rule 6. Armor Claims are first come first serve.

Rule 7. Armor requiring crewmen must be minimum manned by two crewmen.

Rule 8. Any Armor requiring the crewmen role must be its own squad. 

Rule 9. Heli Squads are limited to 4 people

Rule 10. Commanders must be in an infantry squad

Rule 11. No advertising of other Squad Servers/Clans and no solicitation. 

Rule 12. Anything Detrimental to Server Health (Egregious Toxicity, Asset Wasting, Main Camping) will be dealt with appropriately by admins with consultation.


  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    Our Discord link has changed to discord.gg/gmgaming

  • NightSlasherNightSlasher Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    edited September 2022

    New server, quality of gameplay is low. No spawn protection per server rules so when playing Mutaha RAAS 1 and we killed the enemy Stryker and Bradley they decided to grab an Abrams and bee line to sit right outside of main to catch us after we repaired. Mutaha is notorious for this practice as it offers 0 alternative routes and is open fields for multiple kilometers. Majority of the servers of course outlaw this practice, not here. Find yourself a server with some quality common sense rules that preserve gameplay integrity.

    • Thanks, NightSlasher
  • NightSlasherNightSlasher Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    edited September 2022

    Would also like to point out that this situation should have fallen under rule 12, and while I understand that this rule appears to be "Admin Discretion" the admins on duty felt that sitting outside of a Mutaha RAAS 1 main that has no other exits with a tank isnt "Detrimental to server health" even though they list Main Camping as something that could constitute and we couldn't get any vehicles in or out of main. As if that wouldn't cause a mass exodus from the server or issues between players.

    You will not find quality game play on this server, look elsewhere

  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    @nighstalker, im sorry you are not satisfied with the server and feel the need to bash us here on the squad forums. Im sure these posts have nothing to do with your Perm Ban for telling other players to kill themselves

  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    Hello! Their have been some changes since this thread was made! Our discord link is discord.gg/gmgaming and our server rules have been updated to the following

    Our SQUAD server Rules are as follows-

    RULE 1. Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any slurs/derogatory speech regarding one’s race, ethnicity, religion, creed, affiliation, or sex.

    RULE 2. No Direct Personal Attacks

    Rule 3- No Trolling, Griefing or other gameplay that will lead to overall decline in player enjoyment. (Examples include Teamkilling, Heli Ramming, Asset Wasting, Ghosting)

    Rule 4. No Hacking or Intentional Glitching

    Rule 5. Any Player that creates a squad must intend to lead that squad while using an appropriate squad lead kit and microphone. Violation of this rule is often referred to as squad seeding.

    Rule 6. First person to physically claim a vehicle is awarded the vehicle. You may not take claimed vehicles from other squads without getting permission first from that squad

    Rule 7. All armor requiring crewmen must be minimum manned by 2 crewmen before leaving main. If recovering a vehicle from infield, you may 1 man the vehicle back to main.

    Rule 8. Squads which contain Main Battle Tanks Must Be Made Entirely of Crewmen.

    Rule 9. Helicopter Squads cannot exceed 4 players

    Rule 10. Team Commanders must have and maintain a regular infantry SL kit and cannot be a part of an active armor crew.

    Rule 11: No advertising or solicitation of other clans, websites, or other types of URLS. /gMg\ members are also the only ones who may wear our clan tags.

    Rule 12. Anything active admins deem detrimental to server health or player enjoyment. (This may include players main camping by looking directly into enemy spawn, or Egregiously Toxic players that may not fit under rules 1-11) If someone is being super toxic to the point where it is disrupting gameplay and bothering other players, we will not keep them in the server.

    ******GMG reserves the right to ask clans or groups to switch sides in order to preserve game quality or switch said clans/groups without warning for non-compliance.******

  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    Green Mountain Gaming is always looking for new regulars to play on our server! Be apart of a community where you have a voice as a regular and where admins are there for you and accessible! Please check out our discord at discord.gg/gmgaming

  • gMg SmileygMg Smiley Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    Our rules have changed! here are our updated server rules. Also please join us @ discord.gg/gmgaming

    Rule 1- Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any slurs/derogatory speech regarding one’s race, ethnicity, religion, creed, affiliation, or sex. This includes anything in usernames, voice chat or text chat.

    - Mainstream music being played during staging that contains expletives is excluded from this rule unless the song is obviously and egregiously offensive. 

    Rule 2 - Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any usernames, voice chat or text involving the exploitation of children.

    Rule 3- No Direct Personal Attacks

    - Playing around with your buddies with their permission is fine, harassing other players is not.

    - Your beliefs are just that YOURS, please do not start arguments or attack others for their personal beliefs.

    - All players are entitled to feel safe and comfortable when playing on our server, if an admin deems you are harassing another player you are liable to be removed from the game.

    Rule 4- No Trolling, Griefing or other gameplay that will lead to overall decline in player enjoyment or playing in bad faith.

    - Teamkilling falls under this rule. You MUST apologize for all tks in all chat (J) or they will be considered intentional.

    - Heli Ramming is not allowed.

    - Asset wasting of any kind falls under this rule.

    - You MAY NOT abandon vehicles in the field.

    - If an Admin deems you are asset wasting you MUST follow the admins instructions. 

    Rule 5- No Hacking or Intentional Glitching

    - Hacking is using any outside program to alter Squads gameplay in any way to a user or team's advantage and directly violates OWIS Terms of Service. 

    - Intentional Glitching is knowingly and with intent using glitches in Squad to you or your team's advantage and are not able to be countered by the enemy team.

    Rule 6- No advertising or solicitation of other clans, websites, or other types of URLS, including in voice chat, and all/team/squad text chat. Green Mountain Gaming would never solicit in your server, please do not solicit in ours.

    -While some websites may be all well and good, this rule is in place to protect our playerbase from any unsavory activity that may possibly be lurking on the other side of posted websites/urls.

    -Usernames containing URLS are prohibited. 

    -Usernames containing twitch or other streaming platform urls violate rule 6.

    Rule 7- Only probational or full members of Green Mountain Gaming may wear our official tags ( /gMp\ & /gMg\ ). Any player may and is encouraged to wear our community tag both on our server and on others! ( ѧѦѧ | ) Impersonating and Admin is Prohibited. 

    Rule 8- Main Camping is allowed, HOWEVER all exits from a main cannot be camped until the last point is captured with 1 exit being free and the ticket count is in mercy bleed. **

    - Admins have the discretion to ask players to move away from a main if the admin believes it is negatively affecting gameplay. If an admin requests you move, it is NOT a discussion, please move.

    Rule 9- Vehicle Claiming is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, we do not honor name claims.

    - Some players do not load in as fast as others. This rule serves to give all players an equal opportunity to grab a vehicle and not be hindered by a slower connection which might prevent them from being able to get a name claim in time. 

    - Once a vehicle is claimed it may not be taken from the squad which claimed it UNLESS you receive permission from the original claiming Squad Leader OR the vehicle is/was abandoned OR that vehicle is destroyed during normal gameplay. (edited)

    [2:43 PM]

    Rule 10- It is PROHIBITED to create a squad and leave said squad or give away SL of that squad. This is often referred to as SQUAD SEEDING.

    - We understand at times squad/steam can be unstable. Disconnects DO NOT count as squad seeding unless there is a persistent pattern of squad creation followed by immediate DC noticed by admins.

    - If you are in a squad which is squad seeded. Please quickly try and find a new player in the squad who is willing to be Squad Lead. If no player is willing to be Squad Lead please DISBAND THE SQUAD.

    - If you accidentally create a squad DO NOT SQUAD SEED, PLEASE DISBAND THE SQUAD!!

    Rule 11- If you are Squad Leading you MUST have a Microphone, it MUST be used in English and you MUST have an SL kit at all times. Your username (not including tag) must contain at least 2 English characters.

    - One of the primary attributes of Squad is the reliance on communication for better overall gameplay, you must be able to communicate and coordinate with other squads, command and admins.

    - If you do not have a SL kit you are not a functional SL and are unable to place Rallys, Radios, HABS and other important emplacements necessary for the best game experience. 

    - English characters are required as we are a North American based server and as an SL people must be able to easily communicate with you.

    [2:43 PM]

    Rule 12- Any piece of Armour requiring 2 crewmen MUST be minimum manned by 2 crewmen. Vehicles only requiring 1 Crewman, may be manned by 1 Crewman. 

    - Vehicles requiring 2 crewmen are extremely combat ineffective when only manned with 1 crewmen compared to 2 crewmen. 

    - Both Crewmen must be in the armor piece before leaving main. You may not leave main to go pick up your second crewmember.

    - You may one man the vehicle back to main, or to a friendly hab/spawn/rep station if your second crewmember is killed or disconnects. 

    Rule 13- If you are a Main Battle Tank Squad or in a squad that contains an MBT all members of that squad must have a crewmen kit.

    - Tanks are a high ticket, high value asset. All squad members must make the tank a priority.

    - This prevents infantry squads from using tanks for their own individual squad purposes and allows tanks to be available as a team asset.

    - All members of your squad must have a crewmen before leaving main.

    - A single squad is allowed multiple tanks

    Rule 14- Helicopter Squads are Limited to 4 Members 

    - This rule is set to prevent helicopter squads from using the asset for their own purposes and to promote helis being used as a team asset

    - A helicopter pilot cannot take possession of a helicopter AND be part of an infantry or armor squad EXCEPT to recover a stranded or abandoned helicopter.

    - If you are new to flying helis DO NOT fly in live games. Keep it on Jensens. (edited)

    [2:44 PM]

    Rule 15- Team Commanders must have an Infantry SL kit and not be a member of an armor or helicopter crew.

    - If Command assets are needed but the commander is tied up in an armor battle he can not effectively use his command asset.

    - If Command is using their command assets their armor asset is useless and unavailable.

    - Commanders are allowed to have armor in their squads with the exception being MBTs.

    Rule 16- If teams are unbalanced or there are over 1 squads worth of a clan on one team, Green Mountain Gaming reserves the right to move players to help balance teams. Our goal is to have fun, competitive matches (<100 ticket differential) every round.

    - Admins will always ask individuals and clans FIRST if they will voluntarily move to another team before making the decision to force switch a player.

    - Admins will make every effort to make sure players are able to play with their clans/friends. If you require a team swap please ask in-game admins for assistance.

    - If there are 2 games in a row with more than 300+ ticket win, you may be asked to switch or be switched without warning.

    Rule 17- You are liable to be kicked/banned from Green Mountain Gaming servers by an admin without warning if that admin deems your presence in the server is disrupting gameplay and bothering other players.

    - Players who consistently tow the line and have gathered many notes against them may be punished under this rule.

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