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Tweaking the quote feature?

MichaelMichael AlabamaMember Posts: 8 Civilian

To be honest I would like to see the quote feature reworked, sometimes I'm only wanting to talk about key points in one's conversation. I would honestly like to see if maybe implemented in the bottom of the message box where "emoji picker, upload image, etc." are located so I can copy someone's response from another thread and only put in what I want to address from their response.


  • DubsDubs New ZealandMember Posts: 13 Moderator

    There's still some tweaks and implementation on things to come. I think being able to quote key points of a post is needed, I'll pass this on.

  • MichaelMichael AlabamaMember Posts: 8 Civilian

    Yeah I think it's definitely needed, some people type full college paper responses, and some of us only care about one sentence in their response lol.

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 45 ★★

    +1 from me

  • OWI_KrispyOWI_Krispy Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 52 Community Manager

    To keep things organized, could you add this to the announced Forum Bugs & Issues thread. We'll be referring to that internally for things to improve upon here on the forums.


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