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Yous should make the game a lot more gruesome

IDazza_RFCIDazza_RFC Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I think that if yous add gore to the game it would make the game so much more immersive and probably horrifying

e.g adding dismemberment caused by explosives, a lot more blood, actual visible injuries

it would honestly make the game a lot more interesting


  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 23

    "How many times do we have to tell you old man."

    Jokes aside, gore has been something asked to implement by people all the time and the developers seem adamant about not implementing it.

    From a gameplay perspective and my perspective, for you to have realistic gore work within Squad, you would have to reimplement a lot of dead-dead mechanics again, while there are some, they are few and far between like I think IEDs and tank AP are some of the few ways of instantly dying.

    Additionally, you would have to deal with the "just revived" state and the logic (not game logic, but world logic) surrounding how a weapon puts someone to down without red misting them, but if they are revived and hit by it again, are now suddenly a spattering of viscera.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★
    edited June 22

    Post Scriptum still doesn't have 100 players so I'm assuming performance related problem is there.

    But the thing is, despite the gameplay mechanic problems(which shouldn't exist as people should go dead from many more things)...gore isn't going to make game better.

  • PharanaitonPharanaiton belgiumMember Posts: 14 ★★

    The only gore in the game is a sound that plays when you get shot with a 50.cal.

    It sounds like you drop 15 melons and drive with a car over them... I think that's a weird contrast to almost not having any blood in the game.

    I think the game could have at least red spots where you get shot like any 90's shooter.

  • RobertaHawkinsRobertaHawkins Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I see that the game will become more attractive and interesting. But it will make some players obsessed or scared and worst of all, delete the game

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