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Squad Update v3.0 Release Notes

OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin
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Attention Squaddies,

Tomorrow we are releasing Squad v3.0. 

While there are dozens of improvements, fixes, and other changes in v3.0 the most significant are the addition of the American marine forces faction, new amphibious gameplay, and a new map Black Coast. 

We’ve made a whole lot of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

Squad v3.0 will be released on Wednesday, June 22nd at 19:00 UTC.

At ease,

  • Offworld Industries



Amphibious Gameplay and Water Interaction

This update primarily showcases amphibious functionality

  • Summary
    • Join the marine forces in amphibious assaults from ships off the coast.
    • Leverage the unique capabilities of your vehicles and faction asymmetry to pull off new tactical manoeuvres.
  • List of vehicles with amphibious capabilities
    • AAVP-7A1 APC - NEW
    • AAVC-7A1 Command/Logistics Vehicle - NEW
    • LAV-25 Armoured Recon Vehicle - NEW
    • ASLAV Armoured Recon Vehicle
    • BMP-1 IFV
    • BMP-2 IFV
    • BTR-80 APC
    • BTR-82A APC
    • BRDM-2 Scout Car
    • MT-LB APC
    • In addition to these fully amphibious machines, many military vehicles are capable of fording bodies of water up to a certain depth. Other less rugged vehicles will slow to a crawl and be flooded. 
  • Features
    • Fully-modelled waves, buoyancy, and water drag physics for vehicles.
      • Waves become more gentle in inland waters.
    • Soldier water interaction has been reworked
      • Deep water reduces movement speed, scaling by immersion depth.
      • Trying to move in deep water depletes stamina, scaling by immersion depth.
      • Soldiers will raise their weapons above their heads when passing chest-deep water.
      • Drowning damage has been reworked and rebalanced.
    • Added Amphibious Invasion layers where capturing the first flag provides a shoreside spawn point for non-amphibious vehicles.
    • Added an icon to denote Amphibious capability in the driver’s HUD and Map Vehicle List. 
    • Animated vehicle wake-plates when entering/exiting water


American Marine Forces Faction

  • Summary of American Marine Forces Faction
    • Iconic weapons, equipment, and tactics
    • Adds BLUFOR amphibious capability
    • New / Modified Weapons
      • M16A4 Full Length 5.56mm Rifle
      • M27 IAR + SDO Optic 5.56mm Rifle
      • M38 5.56 DMR
      • M249 SAW + SDO Optic 5.56mm LMG
      • M240 + MGO Optic 7.62mm MMG
      • M16A4 + M203 40mm Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher
      • SMAW Heavy Anti-Tank
      • OKC-3S Knife
    • Shared Existing Weapons with US Army
      • M4 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle
      • M136 Medium Anti-Tank
      • M72A7 light Anti-Tank
      • M9 9mm Pistol
      • M67 Fragmentation Grenade
      • M18 Smoke Grenade
    • Kit Roles
      • Rifleman (3 variants)
      • Corpsman (2 variants)
      • Squad Leader (3 variants)
      • Crewman (2 variants)
      • Pilot (2 variants)
      • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)
      • Light Anti Tank (2 variants)
      • Heavy Anti Tank (2 variants)
      • Grenadier
      • Marksman
      • Machine Gunner
      • Combat Engineer
    • Vehicles
      • RHIB Watercraft
        • RHIB Transport
        • RHIB Logistics
        • RHIB M240
        • RHIB M2 
      • M1151  Light Armoured Car
        • M1151 Open Top M2
        • M1151 Open Door M2
        • M1151 RWS M2
      • LAV-25A2 Amphibious Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
      • M1A1 Main Battle Tank
      • UH1Y Transport Helicopter
      • Updated many map layers to include USMC:
      • Note for Server Owners - Black Coast POI Subpen - This flag location currently only exists on AAS v1 and Seed v1 for performance reasons. When running Black Coast AAS v1 please keep in mind players may have much worse client performance. The Subpen POI will be receiving updates and will be worked on for a future update when it could possibly be added to more map layers.
        • Al Basrah Invasion v2
        • Belaya RAAS v2
        • Black Coast AAS v1
        • Black Coast Invasion v1
      • AAVP7-A1 Armored Personnel Carrier
        • AAVP7-A1 Amphibious APC
        • AAVC7-A1 Amphibious Armored Logistics
      • M-ATV Armoured Car
        • M-ATV Open Top M2
        • M-ATV RWS M2
        • M-ATV TOW
        • Black Coast Invasion v2
        • Black Coast RAAS v1
        • Black Coast RAAS v2
        • Black Coast Seed v1
        • Black Coast Skirmish v11
        • Black Coast RAAS v3
        • Black Coast RAAS v4 
        • Black Coast Invasion v3 
        • Fallujah Invasion v1
        • Fallujah Invasion v3
        • Fallujah RAAS v1
        • Fallujah RAAS v3
        • Fallujah RAAS v6
        • Goose Bay RAAS v3
        • Goose Bay Invasion v4
        • Gorodok AAS v4
        • Gorodok RAAS v6
        • Jensen's Range v3
        • Kohat RAAS v2
        • Lashkar RAAS v5
        • Mutaha RAAS v6
        • Narva AAS v4
        • Narva RAAS v2
        • Sumari AAS v5
        • Tallil RAAS v1
        • Tallil Seed v1
        • Yehorivka AAS v4
        • Yehorivka RAAS v1
    • Map Layers
  • Updated Discord Rich Presence config for USMC faction.
  • Updated the Main Menu Entrymap to now feature the USS Essex WASP class LHD emerging from a storm.
  • Mutaha RAAS v3 was updated with Great Britain, replacing Australia


New CAF Vehicles

  • Added new vehicle: CAF Coyote Armoured Recon Vehicle.
  • Added new vehicle: CAF CH-146 Transport Helicopter.


System & Gameplay Updates

  • Added a new map showcasing amphibious capabilities: Black Coast.
  • Added a new amphibious-focused training map featuring the USS Essex: Pacific Proving Grounds.
  • Added nicknames on the USA M1A2 and USMC M1A1 tank barrels.
  • Added Character Interaction with mud, snow, dirt, and water. These materials will now accumulate on characters’ uniforms.
  • Updated the training menu to include a link to Jensen’s Range for all factions training layers.
  • Updated the infantry weapon hip-fire recoil visual animation to appear more intense.
  • Updated repair station unbuilt and mid-built level states to have a more accurate visual footprint and reduced vertical profile.
  • Updated the Ticket Legend, the generic vehicle ticket amounts have been removed. Exact ticket values for vehicles are now being displayed in the vehicle card list.
  • Updated MEA Ural 4320 and RUS Kamaz5350 truck gearbox configuration.
  • Updated the game flow when entering and exiting vehicles while reloading your weapon. If you enter a vehicle during the reload animation before finishing the reload, the reload will be cancelled.
  • Adjusted the splash damage intensity on vehicle explosions. Vehicle explosions are now less deadly to infantry.
  • Adjusted AUS M1A1 Commander M2 to now use turret stabilisation.
  • Adjusted the rearm costs for various GPMG weapons on multiple vehicle turrets. The rearm costs should be reduced, in some cases drastically. Vehicles affected: 
    • USA MATV CROWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
    • USA M1126 RWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
    • GB FV432 RWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
    • GB FV4032 MBT loader’s turret M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
    • CAF Leopard 2 loader’s turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 250)
    • CAF LAV 6 open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
    • CAF M113 open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
    • CAF M113 TLAV coaxial C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 220 ammo points (down from 750)
    • CAF LUVW open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
  • Adjusted CAF M113 TLAV turret inventory config - the coax GPMG now uses the same weapon slot as other similar vehicles (i.e. BTR-80, BRDM-2).
  • Updated the CAF LUVW Transport variant to now have a more clear visual distinction from the Logistics variant. The Transport variant now does not have a rooftop cargo carrier.
  • Updated reticles on the 1P78 (RU AK74m rifle scope) and ZF-1 scope (MEA G3 rifle scope) to be thinner and less obtrusive at range.
  • Updated the GB FV107, USMC LAV-25, and CAF Coyote to use a new Recon Vehicle icon in the Vehicle List menu and Map screen.
  • Adjusted the USA MATV Armored Car’s turret texture colouring to better match the rest of the hull.
  • Adjusted the colour of several CAF vehicles to better match each other.
  • Adjusted the MEA/INS G3 Rifle to have decreased visual roughness on the plastic butt stock and handguards.
  • Adjusted the woodland GB FV4034 and CAF Leo2 MBT’s, to remove distant fields on the turrets camo netting for improved optimization and improved visual quality.
  • Adjusted GB LDS Elcan reticle with thickened numbers to improve readability.
  • Adjusted all vehicles using the GPMG turret weapons and NSV Cupola guns to use proper LODs for improved optimization with these assets.
  • Adjusted all US Army character artwork to feature the M17 MHS pistol as all M9 pistols are now assigned to USMC.
  • Updated the launch Splash image to feature USMC.
  • Updated the CAF team-select menu images with newer character models & CH146.
  • Optimised vehicles by updating overlaps only on anim finalise.
  • Optimised AUS knife texture usage from 32552kb to 5461kb.
  • Optimised Skorpo cubemap texture usage from 49152kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised texture memory texture usage from 49152kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised Yehorivka Macro Mask Resource Size.
  • Optimised several non-power 2 macro masks texture usage from 65536kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised skyboxes for lower resolution monitors/lower screen percentages
  • Optimised particle motion vector compression to bc7 from vector displacement
  • Optimised vehicle reticles compression and mips.
  • Optimised F88, AUS Binos and SUSAT texture compression to bc7.
  • Updated Credits.


Audio Updates

  • Added a new music track to the main menu. 
  • Added new M4 Rifle firing sounds.
  • Updated the AK74 Rifle close-up firing sounds.
  • Updated CAF C7 rifle series SFX for better ROF timing and decreased bass for mid range firing.
  • Updated the DShK HMG close-up firing sounds to use new, more powerful sounding SFX. 
  • Updated the M2 HMG close-up firing sounds to use new, more powerful sounding SFX.
  • Added new CAF LUVW engine sounds.
  • Updated infantry sounds to now include sounds when interacting with mud, including a mud landing sound, mud crawling sounds, and mud wrestling sounds.
  • Updated 50cal projectiles to use new wood impact sounds.
  • Adjusted bullet cracks audio with minor tweaks.
  • Adjusted 30mm pass-by sounds
  • Adjusted the turret rotation audio for emplacements and technicals.
  • Disabled muffled EQ for 1p chopper gunner firing including reload sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with footstep landing sounds, as they were too quiet and should now match the normal footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with several vehicles that had missing engine destroyed sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the DSHK and M2 HMG distance firing sounds volume from close range to mid range.


General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which was affecting patch install times. This will only improve install times for patches which come after v3.0, and is not a complete solution to long install times. We will continue to investigate fixes for that issue. 
  • Fix attempt for a server crash related to Soldier Ragdolls.
  • Fixed an animation issue where certain grenade launchers, binoculars and rocket launchers (ie M72A3) had a jarring delay in the start of the animation when reloading, equipping, etc.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with AUS Field Dressings costing 10 ammo points to rearm instead of 5.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with certain user input breaking Rallypoints.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue where the AUS/GB HX60 Truck’s F2 passenger seat soldier’s boots were clipping through the vehicle mesh.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Seed map layers, the pre-placed deployables were unintentionally respawning after getting destroyed.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the M4 M150 ACOG M203 Rifle having a misaligned front sight mount.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the RUS Kamaz5350 Truck, the wheel traces caused the truck to get launched in unexpected ways. The vehicle handling should feel significantly different now. Increased speed threshold for substepping to have high precision at the shift point between 1st and 2nd gear. Also fixed an issue with the wheel setup that was affecting stability of the vehicle when doing sharp turns.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Light APCs, which were costing 10 instead of 5 tickets if destroyed by friendly fire.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS Black M1151 jeep, the gunner was not receiving direct explosive/frag damage.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS Black M1151 which was not receiving explosive damage properly and was not destroyable with timed explosives.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue where the CAF LAV6 IFV collision mesh permitted soldiers to clip into the rear of the vehicle.
  • Fixed a visual issue with helicopter tail rotors not showing rocket impact explosions correctly.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS/MIL BMP1 IFV, where the visual ATGM rocket mesh remains on the vehicle after getting fired.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Militia soldiers roughness/metallic values.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the RUS/MEA BMP2’s front wheel rig.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF TLAV APC, where the turret was not visible on the wreck mesh, they will now pop off a little when destroyed.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS/MIL Mosin Rifle metal albedo being too bright.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the AUS Browning MK3 Pistol having flickering textures.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the BTR80, MTLB 6MA, BRDM-2 and BRDM-2 Spandrels occasionally having player shadows visible outside of their turrets.
  • Fixed a visual issue with ammo bags & rally points, there were inconsistencies with the desert/woodland patterns between factions, these have been standardized to woodland for all factions for all biomes.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB FV510 IFV, the turret colour was not matching the rest of the hull.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the RUS Kamaz truck having broken normals on the rear truck flap.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF Rifleman 2 Arid soldier mesh, which had a visual anomaly with the helmet scrim.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MIL + INS Repair Station, at the first build state the generator's frame was doubled and clipped into the mesh.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MEA BRDM hubcaps using the wrong texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MEA UB32 rocket pod turret having incorrect texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS Black M1151 Light Jeep which had a missing vehicle wreck texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the G3 Z-point selection icons being inconsistent.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Militia Machine Gunner Soldier having bad skinning on the back of the neck.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB Rifleman Soldier's back, which had bad skin weights.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB Automatic Rifleman soldier mesh having a double radio pack.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the name of the MEA BRDM-2 UB32 on the HUD text element being incorrect.


Map Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Updated CAF map layers to include the new CAF vehicles.
  • Updated the following maps to use the new ocean/lake water interaction: Al Basrah, Fallujah, Goose Bay, Narva, Skorpo.
  • Updated all Level Designer-placed razor wire (ie Al Basrah VCP) to use the same damage and movement penalty settings as deployables razor wire.
  • Fixed a visual issue with dead poplar trees having bad ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed a visual issue with various “breathing” ground cover materials when affected by wind.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the cattail plant mesh breaking when blowing in the wind.
  • Fixed a visual issue on the Infantry Tutorial causing floating grass and green roads.
  • Fixed Tallil RAAS v1 Iraqi Hangars flag name being offset from the actual capture volume.
  • Fixed Gorodok RAAS v3 main resupply zones not encapsulating all vehicles at both teams main.
  • Anvil Skirmish v1, Goose Bay Skirmish v1, Lashkar Skirmish v1 - Fixed an issue with Flag ticket gains being incorrect. They should behave like other skirmish layers:
    • +20 tickets for flag capture
    • +10 tickets for neutral flag capture
  • Anvil RAAS v1 - Fixed an issue where MBT’s were not spawning for both teams.
  • Al Basrah Seed v1 - Fixed minor visual issue with pre-placed FOB, MEA faction was incorrectly using the RUS Radio mesh and sound.
  • Belaya RAAS v5 - Adding missing helipad and heli spawner for CAF.
  • Fools Road Invasion v1 - Fixed a spelling in the name (was missing v).
  • Goose Bay - fixed collision on the roof of the airport building.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4 - Fixed floating ammo crate.
  • Goose Bay RAAS v3 - Added new map layer with USMC vs RUS.
  • Goose Bay Skirmish v1 - Fixed an issue with both teams main base resupply zone not being large enough.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v3 - Fixed an issue with the RUS Main base resupply zone not including the helipad, preventing helicopters from rearming.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4 - New map layer featuring the USMC.
  • Gorodok RAAS v11 - Fixed an issue where River Fortification can appear twice in the same layer, right on top of each other.
  • Gorodok - Fixed trees and smoke visible in Gorodok skybox.
  • Gorodok - simplified large scale grass.
  • Infantry Tutorial - Updated vehicle and faction ID board with USMC vehicles and infantry.
  • Jensen's Range v6 (AUS/RUS) - Fixed an issue with the AUS MRH90 helicopter exploding on the landing pad.
  • Jensen’s Range - Added Australian/RUS Jensens Range main menu selection link for AUS/RUS and USMC/RUS map layers.
  • Kamdesh Invasion v4 - Fixed an issue with the AUS MRH90 helicopter exploding on the landing pad.
  • Kohat AAS v2 - Changed from Mid Day to Early Morning lighting.
  • Manic-5 - Updated the upper water reservoir depth to be very shallow. This is an interim workaround for a technical issue, until the map can be fully updated for amphibious gameplay.
  • Mutaha Invasion v1 - Added INS Ural375 Transport Truck.
  • Mutaha RAAS v3 - Updated to swap AUS with GB.
  • Mutaha RAAS v5 - Fixed bad MBT spawner position for MEA.
  • Narva - Added amphibious water and updated the Narva landscape material.
  • Sumari Seed v1 - Fixed minor visual issue with pre-placed FOB, INS faction was incorrectly using the RUS Radio mesh and sound.
  • Tallil Outskirts - Adjusted all Tallil map layers' helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 600m to 300m to avoid visual anomalies and excessive helicopter spotting with LOD/landscape exploits.


SDK Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Incremented the Mod Major Version, to enforce compatibility with the new Squad Version on v3.0 release.
  • Added functionality to vehicle spawner that allows to override the biome to use for selecting a vehicle variant for debug purposes
  • Added functionality to vehicle spawner which allows you to set Required Tags. This is used to ensure only Amphibious-capable vehicles spawn in the Essex well deck, for example. 
  • Added new experimental gameplay scripting system. This is a basic system for creating quick gameplay scripts. For example, in v3.0 it is used on certain amphibious-focused Invasion map layers to enable or disable vehicle/infantry spawns after the first CP is captured.
  • Added new all-new ocean and lake BPs. These water actors enable waves and infantry and vehicle water interaction. A tutorial for setting these up will eventually be made. 
  • Updated vehicle spawner to allow spawning vehicles on water.
  • Overhauled the vehicle turret wrecks for optimization. Turret logic has been consolidated into a component. Your existing custom vehicle wrecks will still work, but we recommend updating to the new system. 
  • Added a prototype Cinematic Character blueprint for easy setup of static scenes and cinematics. Also added a prototype improved Projectile Spawner for use with Sequencer. 
  • Updated minimap generator tool to have tight and proper bound handling, using landscape component bound if there are no map corners. 
  • Moved the hay bales and snow pole props from Skorpo map folder to Generic and cleaned up redirectors.


 Clear Cache to resolve residual issues

  • If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    edited June 2022

    "Adjusted AUS M1A1 Commander M2 to now use turret stabilisation."

    Shameless unrealistic addition.

    Australia was supposed to have "inferior" vehicles compared to RUS but now it's just straight up better(not that it wasn't before, since M1A1 is still M1 with basically better everything that matters in tank vs. tank) in every layer that do not have BMP.

    Following this convention all T-62 should have it too. Because T-62 commander cupola also have powered counter-traverse IRL.

    Let me guess, can't have USMC tank not be better than T-72B3 in every way?

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    edited June 2022

    The SCWS on later M1A1 was put in production in 2011, well after australia's purchase of M1A1aim(2007).

    Pretty sure the model is incorrect for SCWS as well.

  • GustavoGustavo Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    • "Join the marine forces in amphibious assaults from ships off the coast."

    We will have ships, like USS BOXER to start a game? Helicopter and AMTRAK in it?

    I can't wait! today i have a 1.100 hours of gameplay, how many hours i will play afther that?!


  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

    From patch notes:

    Updated the Main Menu Entrymap to now feature the USS Essex WASP class LHD emerging from a storm

    Additionally, you can see a carrier's silhouette in a teaser on twitter.

    Draw your own conclusions

  • GustavoGustavo Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Very cool!

    I have a question, we have some vehicles, witch are not amphibious, on the flight deck of the USS Essex, so will the helicopter be able to lift or carry then? Like a chinook, for exemple...

    What do you think?

  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

    On live games, there are no non-amphibious vehicles on the flight deck.

  • A HamburglerA Hamburgler Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    loving the 3.0 update.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★

    Apparently LAV-25 turret still takes zero hp damage.

    Absolutely disgusting as usual.

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