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『SLT』Sweat Lord Tactical

DnooGGDnooGG Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Hello everyone!

About Us

『SLT』 was founded by a group of seasoned Squad Players from many different communities our goal is to create an environment where new players can come and learn the game, but also experienced players have a place to come and play with other experienced Squad players!

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions feel free to DM me!


  • DnooGGDnooGG Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Updated info about us! Apologies my first message was cut off.


    About Us

    『SLT』 is a newly created clan by 4 experienced Squad Players that got tired of places showing up then disappearing. We are a group of people that just enjoy squad casually / semi-competitively at times! We are currently growing the Squad part of our clan! We are looking for anyone interested in joining the clan, or being an in-game Admin!

    What we offer

    -Experienced players who will teach others!

    -Mature, and competent staff team.

    -Relaxed environment.

    -A community where everyone can have fun and meet people!

    Application Requirements

    -Be 18+ years old (may be 16 with the backing / support of 2 members).

    -Follow our Discord and Squad server rules.

    -Be willing to help seed from time to time!

    Interested in joining? Please shoot me a DM or add me on Discord!

    Discord: Dno#7599

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