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Textures are a blobby mess whenever I change my graphic settings

JCPOTJCPOT Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Yesterday, when I changed my graphic settings all of the textures, turned into big blobs and everything looks horrible now. The only way I can fix this is if I go into the files and change my Texture Stream Pool Size Storage to 0. This works until I change my graphics settings. Any ideas as to why this sudden change has occurred? This hasn't happened at all until now.

Specs: 4Gb 3050 Ti, Ryzen 7 5000h, 16Gb ddr4


  • HedgeHedge Member Posts: 2 Civilian


    Your problem most likely stems from your low amount of VRAM available in your GPU. Try turning down your Texture Quality setting. and uncap your texture pool size.

    Hope this helps.



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