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Group Server Joining

TheCHcukyTheCHcuky Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Ability to create a group pre-game and join in as a group. This will avoid having to pre-coordinate for each member to individually join a server and a few to have to wait and then not be able to join the same team etc and have to wait for the next match to start up.

Love what ya'll doin so far! Keep up the good work! :D

pls and ty!


  • Shadow_BugShadow_Bug Member Posts: 15 Civilian

    YES YES YES. You connect our account with Steam and this one of the biggest coordination/ play-with-friends game!! Why can't we play with our friend group? Is it truly that hard to add out of all the stuff in and constantly added to this game?

  • TheCHcukyTheCHcuky Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Has anyone taken a look into this? I think the community would 100% enjoy the game if a party system was in place. It's very difficult for friends to get into the same team with emphasis on team. Once everyone is on the same team it's simple create a locked squad, but the process to get to that position can be difficult, and may result in playing against your mates for a match or two depending on the balance of teams. I think everyone can benefit from this creation. Create "Pre-Lobby Squads!" You join in matches as a full Squad and servers can have the option to turn on / off this setting. This may create longer wait times to join servers, but then your at least on the same team.

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