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Base, Plane.

bazzeguttbazzegutt Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Add planes In the game. Also, do so we can spawn on a base there we can deploy from and do wars from. Like Afghan base too.


  • rayrayrayray Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I agree. I think slow flying fixed wing CAS aircraft would be an awesome addition to the game. I believe something like the A29 Super Tucano would fit well into the current squad battlefield because they were introduced around the same time the game is set and were designed for low threat environments and high cost efficiency. usually armed with 12.7mm machine guns, precision bombs, atgms and rocket pods. While these would provide a strategic advantage to the team i don’t think it’d be unbalanced because of their relatively small payload and venerability to small arm and high explosive rounds. I don’t know what the equivalent aircraft is for opfor, they should probably just get a 2K22 Tunguska. It maybe a steppingstone to something bigger like SU-25, AC-130, A10 or cas helis like the mi-24 or ka-52 because like what the original poster said you’d probably need to extend the boundaries to accommodate for both teams airstrip on some of your large terrains.

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