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Voice chat via headset, gamesounds via speakers

T-POLET-POLE Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I've been trying to get the sounds to split, so and VC comes via my headset, and any game sounds come via my speakers, have it set in windows so most games auto do this, however i cannot get Squad to do this, running via steam, unsure if that may be why, are there any suggestions? or is this just something Squad doesn't currently allow?


  • MightyHaseMightyHase Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    what you want to accomplish is, games using your default playback device for audio (like your speakers) and apps like discord/teamspeak etc using your headset as your default communication device.

    As it is right now, you cannot do this in squad vor proximity voice/squad voice/command voice since you cannot choose a seperate audio device for communication.

    I'd like to see this too as this would allow me to balance game/voice audio better (i am using soundblaster gc7 here).

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