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Blacklist is looking for members to join all are welcome

GSGxDongGSGxDong Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Blacklist is Actively Recruiting

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment to let people leave their daily lives and escape to some simulation combat. Win or lose, The mission is about having fun. We play as a team, Laugh as a team, And **** as a team.


> Must be 14 years of age (Yes you read that correctly, gotta have a place for the young ones)

> Must have a working mic

> Must be able to speak fluent English 

> Must accept our rules

What We Offer

> A fun semi-competitive environment

> Brotherhood amongst our members (Close knit family feel to our group)

> Opportunities to learn new roles and kits

> A simple/easy to understand structure

> A dedicated Management team and a steady supply of competent Operators

If you dread joining a group and having to complete hours of training to advance then Blacklist is just for you, We get straight to the point and that's to play the game and have fun while also being competent and working as a team. We do not make you go through hours of training before joining or even after you've joined. Once you've become a Blacklist Operator you are not required to attend any activities it is all subjective, We created Blacklist as a place where you can find people to play with that want to work as a team and have fun.

Disclaimer: We are based in Eastern Time but welcome all recruits from any timezone just take into account that activities may vary depending on timezone. Discord---> https://discord.gg/hu8yhTFc36 or add kingkongsschlong#9434 on discord for an inv


  • GSGxDongGSGxDong Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    post update: Recruitment age has been raised to a minimum of 16y/o to be able to join us.

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