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[ECC] Elite Combat Corps is in need of members!

ECC Goodgamer1109ECC Goodgamer1109 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

About us

Elite Combat Corps is a North American Squad Community that is based out of the north-west. We have our own Squad server. We just started a few days ago, and just got out server up and running. If you wish to help us seed, just let us know in #general. We have one server, with 100 player slots, As of now, the map rotation can be anywhere from Narva to Lashkar Valley. We mostly focus on playing RAAS but there are a few AAS that might come around in the rotation.

Our Intent

Our Intent at ECC is provide experienced Squad players to join and be able to teach the newer players the ropes of the game. We also will assist in teaching game as well. We focus on bringing a fair, balanced game to our players. While still keeping the gameplay intense and realistic. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us hear them in our discord server. We look forward to hearing your suggestions, so we can help keep the players in our community happy.


Squad Leaders and Commanders must have a have a SL kit, microphone, communicate and, contribute to the team effort.

  1. Creating a section then immediately abandoning squad leader role is a kickable offense.
  2. No infantry squad can be locked with fewer than 4 members, including recon and mortar squads.
  3. Heli, logi, and vehicles that don't require crewman CAN be locked with one member.
  4. 4. Armor squad CAN be locked with 2 members.
  5. No main base camping that includes firing into or from main. (Must be 600 meters away, 300 meters if a visible or previously-visible cap was revealed) up to admin discretion.
  6. No building, firing mortars, or placing mines within 600 meters of Main Base unless playing within current active cap. 
  7. Do not intentionally team kill players, troll, grief, or waste any vehicles or assets. This includes heli vs. heli ramming.
  8. Logistic vehicles should be used for their intended purpose
  9. Any sort of hacking, cheating, or repeated glitch abuse will result in a Ban.
  10. Do not spam comms or chat. (Music can be played, however when asked to stop for communication purposes, it must be stopped.
  11. Hate speech, racism, sexism, ableist, or personal attacks of any kind; including music, squad names, in-game names, and tags are up to admin discretion as a kickable/bannable offense.
  12. Primary communication must be in English. Names must include some English letters. (edited)
  13. No impersonating an [ECC] Member or using similar [ECC] Tags.
  14. No unauthorized advertising or foreign clan recruitment.
  15. Do not share intel with the other team. This includes ghosting and stream sniping.
  16. Unassigned players have one minute to join or create squad.
  17. Vehicles are first come, first serve. 
  18. Naming a squad your preferred role (i.e. Heli Squad, Tank) is preferred, but does not reserve you that vehicle. 
  19. No vehicle hoarding or spamming. 
  20. All vehicles that require crewman kits must have at least two crewmen.
  21. No unarmed or recruit kits. 


Official invite code: cAbFa7zXhp

Thank you,

From the Elite Combat Corps.

First to Rise, Last to Fall.

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