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Vehicle claiming

FattyshowFattyshow Member Posts: 3

When entering a vehicle, you get a message on the left that tells you your squad leader has received a request to approve the vehicle claim.

The next step is just spamming F until the menu pops up.

Perhaps another notification on the left of the screen would be nice that just says:

"Vehicle claim approved"


"Vehicle claim denied"

Also would it be nice to insert the vehicle name in the message that the Squad leader gets


  • FunnitFunnit Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    As soon as the claim is accepted, your squad number inside of a green circle [green, signifying within your squad, as in squad chat]. This is definitive evidence that your vehicle request has been accepted.

    Also, if your SL is a good SL (and you are a good squad member), you will communicate verbally. You will ask for approval, and your SL will confirm either approved or denied.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 62 ★★

    Giving the SL the information as to what vehicle you are trying to claim is a must have!

  • DesmoLockeDesmoLocke North Carolina, USAMember Posts: 5 ★★

    A commendable suggestion. I like it. I’m all for the squad leader getting more useful information. The player getting a message saying their request has been denied is good as well.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    I second this, knowing "who is trying to claim a vehicle" helps out for management.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 36 ★★

    BRILLIANT! Love all ideas presented here!


  • OWI_JennyOWI_Jenny United KingdomMember Posts: 18 Dev

    I will forward this to the team for the message pop up with what vic has been claimed

  • PuotekPuotek Member Posts: 25 ★★

    I think that is the main reason why we need some kind of information as SL’s with the vehicle claim requests, the thing is even if someone communicates and askes, another person especially at the begging of the match can also request a vehicle claim. This can lead to wrong vehicle claims and that is why I would love to see who is asking for the claim.

    Another thing is the spamming, it is quite annoying that when you ask for the claim the interaction menu pops up and it doesn’t disappear unless A. You wait till it finishes the get in interaction to tell you to ask your squad leader for claim or B. You look/walk away and walk back up to it. It would be nice if either the get in interaction would just not work and the whole interaction menu would disappear when letting go of F or if there would be some kind of way to not have to close and open the interaction menu again.

  • PuotekPuotek Member Posts: 25 ★★

    nvm about the let go of f thing it works well

  • BadBoiBbBadBoiBb Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    There should be a button on the vehicle wheel. “Would you like to claim?” Other wise getting ammo off a vehicle with notifications for SL can be a bit annoying...

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