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please dedicate an update to optimizing the game

OracudaOracuda Member Posts: 12 Civilian
edited May 21 in Feedback & Suggestions

The current meta for playing the game is to not join servers with 80+ players, do not join smaller maps where people are clumped together, and do not under any circumstances, touch narva, fallujah, and especially manic-5.

I play on a 2070, with 32GB of ram, and an 8086k, and play on SSD (which yes, i will be upgrading, but after my observations i don't believe the fps boost would be significant)

settings are all lowest possible, have also tried with all the tweaks you can think of including command line and trying higher settings to "increase usage".

despite all of this, on most maps i get around 50 which struggles back and forth to 60, the main issue being the huge mouse sensitivity throwoff which makes aiming at targets quickly even 25 meters away a huge challenge, and completely destroys muscle memory, and it plummets with mortars, arty, heavy spraying, etc.

I cannot even begin to speak on the mouse, but right now on mestia i have 60 to 50 fps which kinda moves back and forth like a sine wave, it doesnt sound bad at first but you can totally feel it and makes just moving your player on the spot a nausea inducing pain which is even further difficult when aiming at players.

i can only deduce at this point what others have already discovered, the game needs optimization

I understand OWI is a company and needs to please players with content updates, but im sure myself and many other older more veteran players would strongly enjoy a garunteed 60+ FPS on what is generally decent specs for AAA games.

I also reccomend developers do not playtest on 3000 dollar rigs.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 410 ★★

    It's not AAA game and OWI definitely isn't good enough to fix UE4.

  • OracudaOracuda Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    You'd expect the game to be optimized enough to be playable, if their content additions are too much for performance, maybe they should cut down on it and first improve optimization.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 410 ★★
    edited May 21

    Some people define "playable" as "30fps average"

    Anyway generally artists aren't going to be optimizing (as in un-blueprint the underlying code) if there is any artist(OWI seems to have outsourced most things considering the garbage quality) in first place.

    Performance issue almost exclusively came from UE4's gamethread which is generally not related to whatever models...etc. is used. And when it's gpu-side that's the problem...OWI did it intentionally(forced shadow, shader changes, hollywood muzzleflashes...etc.) to make game "look better" but play worse(for better-looking screenshots to get tencent investment, I guess)

    OWI ironically has waited long enough for cpu performance to produce bearable gameplay; you can hold 120fps average near top end cpu(I use 5800x)

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