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Suggestion - Seat inside or outside vehicles !

HomeHome Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Hi guys,

Squad is slowly getting more and more immersive. Every update bringing some new cool stuff.

I hope we can discuss this suggestion for an implementation in the future.

NOTE that this feature is already available for only one of the Vehicles ingame (T-62)


1/ Give to any vehicle crewman the ability to turn inside or outside their seat. Mainly for vision purposes.

2/ Be able to carry personel on the roof/sides of any given APC / IFV or even tank. And maybe wounded soldiers

3/ Automatically alocate players on vehicle roofs when all the seats are taken.

4/ The possibility to use vehicle top as an intermediate position before rag-dolling bodies directly out from their seats. For better looking death animation when being killed inside a driving vehicle.

What are the reasons for riding on the top of a vehicle VS inside ? :

This feature must allow strategical decisions when using the vehicles such as :

a) Riding outside is risky but you have better chances of survival in case of a landmine.

b) Mounting on the vehicle is faster than getting inside the vehicle. This features make it better for late infantry pickup from any combat vehicle. As well as a faster and more realistic dispatch of infantry once the objective has been reached.

c) Alocating more people to a vehicle will allow to settle some layers with less vehicles and maybe an interesting dynamic with vehicle assets.

Extra ideas from this suggestion and balancing advice :

The interior view from inside tanks and APC / IFV must be reduced to match a realistic view from any periscope / Bulletproof glass. Including for any MRAP / TPAV. Since the turn-out feature would be available it wouldn't be much of a hastle.

Any big health loss (50 pct HP+) to a player from direct or indirect hit whilst riding on the top has to make the player fall down with no extra fall damage except if the vehicle is driving +20 kmh. While keeping the rag-doll animation.This can allow a better-looking "shot from vehicle" animation.

(IMPORTANT) Seating positions on vehicle top must be concentrated and close to the hatch / back making it visually appealing. The result will be that every infantrymen take a same and realistic route above the vehicle. As well as it allows a later implementation of door / hatch anims / Entering the vehicle from the same path later-on. And without the need to create hundreds of different anims for a same thing.

Seating positions must look random and close even if it isn't.

(LATER) Make it possible to carry wounded soldiers on the vehicle directly. Pretty usefull and more realistic when transfering personel from a captured zone. It's a good compromise in terms of animation. And exiting a zone faster.

(LATER) Eventually make it possible to heal someone but only when sitting on the top.

(LATER) Showcase vehicle interior when seating inside instead of big windows.

(LATER) Vehicle sounds have to be reduced from inside the tanks. Making it necessary to turn out from times to time. Or indirectly make it an advantage to have an extra someone sitting above.

This would favorize communication. (Currently In my opignon lonely heavy-armour vehicles have too much freedom around the map without even communicating with other squads for spotting since they have good view and listening from inside)

Hope too hear your impressions on this.



  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★
    edited May 2022

    Only vehicles that can't carry 9 passengers inside need the feature. (BMP, BTR...etc.)

    The rest is impossible and/or simply not going to happen because of OWI's deficiencies. (same reason why coax on tanks do not work properly)

  • HomeHome Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    I just learned that this feature was available in the soon versions of Squad.

    You could seat on a BTR for instance.

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