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Large FPS drops when scoping in

KsaweryKsawery Member Posts: 2 Civilian

I am seeing some hefty framerate drops (sometimes even 100fps -> 40fps) when scoping in, especially in forested areas. The scope-in distance doesn't matter, I can look at an area 5m away and still experience massive drops. Ironsights are unaffected by this, and otherwise, the game runs smoothly on epic settings. Turning Shadows to Low fixed these issues completely, so it's most likely a problem with the latest shadow updates.

As an aside, I also had to turn off Tessellation and SSAO, as some maps saw large FPS drops since the 2.12 and 2.13 updates. This made a big difference (+30fps).

I'm playing on i7 11700f, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM (XMP enabled at 3600Mhz), Windows 10.


  • sbefsbef Member Posts: 6 Civilian
    edited May 2022

    Same issue here, and same fix. Disabling Tessellation and SSAO restores the most of the performance. Sad because only scopes cause the issue, even if you look at a close-by rock. Drops by at least 20 fps. Iron sights are OK.

    10900k, RX 6800 XT, 64 GB RAM, playing at 4k.

    Got worse with the shadows update. I never had a single performance issue before, I used to play everything maxed out on a lesser GPU at 4k and was smooth as butter.

  • SloanSloan Member Posts: 104 ★★

    I've started seeing the same thing recently, too. Thanks for the possible fix!

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