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Tickets system rework

FunAppleFunApple Member Posts: 9 Civilian

Hey there! First, I must apologize for my English. Here are just my thoughts about how to make Squad better.

We need to do something with one of the core mechanics problem - Tickets.

Squad is a game where players try to cooperate with 49 other random people and all of them have just one goal - to win the game. But here is one thing. When the main goal is mostly territory control many other things become pain in the a.. and that pain leads just to one thing - ticket loss. Be it a destroyed vehicle or someone's death we accidentally become hostages of mistakes of other players on our side because all that leads to losing chances to win. But, again, our main goal to win is through territory control when killing enemies and their vehicles are just a barricade to that goal. Very often ticket loss by losing a vehicle or someone’s giving up becomes a priority fear rather than losing a control point. When you have just a few tickets you often hear that you shouldn’t give up, but isn’t that the point of the game where you need to respawn to try and hold your last control point? And another problem here is that you cannot control your other teammates, someone just don't care and don't wait for medics or just don’t care and even don’t know that they shouldn’t respawn due to the last ticket. So I have suggestions about how it may be redesigned.

Main objectives of the map - Tickets mechanics

Teams will still have the same “Tickets”, but now tickets will lose or gain only by losing and capturing control points but additinally now Tickets will always “burn” by one point every “Tick”, where tick has as more time as more control points captured by your team and seconds per tick calculated by simple formula, for example 10sec * captured points, meaning that if you have 5 captured points and enemy 3, you will lose 1 ticket every 50 and enemy every 30 seconds (I will not give detailed examples because it’s the part of game balancing which I’d like to explore but meh..). Recapturing control points will give you some tickets as well to give chances for a comeback. This example will work for AAS and Territory control. For invasion tickets will work just for the attackers side while defenders will not have it at all. Attackers will lose tickets as long as they are not capturing an active control point, pretty simple. In every mode FOBs still affect tickets but instead of burning tickets while FOB is losed I suggest spawning FOB should cost some tickets. Or maybe FOBs shouldn’t affect tickets at all but teams will have restrictions on how many FOBs can be placed on the map. Again, balance details of how exactly tickets would work are part of discussions and these examples are just how it may work IMHO.

Infantry respawning rework

Now when respawning doesn’t affect the whole objective we need to do something to prevent soldiers spamming and lead players to do things advisedly and punish them for dying 24/7. To do that every player will have their own Respawn tokens or RT. RTs accumulate over time and players can have up to, let’s say, 5 tokens. Respawning on HUB or Rally will cost some points (2 - hub, 3 - rally). Every squad leader can set any HUB as priority (with some cooldown time between changes) and all squad members' cost to spawn on that HUB will be 1. Spawning on the Main base cost nothing. Regardless of remaining tokens after dying there is some cooldown before respawning (around 20-30 seconds). Instead of giving up first to select spawning location, players just select that location and wait till after death cooldown reaches zero and/or will get the required amount of RTs to be able to spawn. For all that time before respawning other players can revive unconscious player so medics should have enough time.

Vehicle respawning rework

For now vehicles are a big pain. There are two big problems. One - your team is very dependent on the skills of your drivers. This means that if someone got crashed on a helicopter or just monkey drive deep into enemy territory it will hit your score and further planning. Second - not destroying enemy vehicles just looks comic. You know that instead of planning some kind of diversions to destroy vehicles before they arrive on the battlefield just “capturing” those vehicles (killing infantry but not fully destroying vehicles) gives you more profit. Especially when you lose some of your logistic vehicles in such a way it hurts a lot because you simply cannot spawn more of that kind of vehicle. So I suggest implementing a vehicle request system.

This is how it will work. Every team now have Vehicle Tokens or VT. VTs accumulate over time. Any squad leader now can “request” specific vehicles to be spawned on the main base which costs some VTs depending on vehicle type. Requested vehicle is queued up along other requests, each vehicle takes some amount of time to be spawned, before the vehicle is spawned the squad leader can refuse their request and VTs will return to the team. Commander can rearrange requests in the queue. Limits of vehicles the team can have over map now is gone but now every team will have limits of vehicles of the type that can Main base hold, if the team has too many vehicles of some type on the spawn (for example 3 logistics or 1 tank) the new one cannot be requested. This will not allow teams to stack some heavy armored vehicles in a safe zone and then use them all at once. Now every destroyed vehicle gives the enemy team half of its cost as VTs instantly so vehicle destroying now has a big advantage. 

Of course there are many things that may be different but I hope you got the main ideas.



  • thebiglezthebiglez Member Posts: 40 ★★

    I somewhat agree, but it would be very risky to make such a big change to the meta. It might promote players not caring if they die.

    Regarding vehicle rework, it definitely needs improvement. I would make it very simple though:

    Each team gets all their vehicles at the start. No respawning.

    This would make it more tactical as well, as you can go all out with your tanks at the beginning of the match, or wait until later. It also gives you more of a pleasure when you destroy an enemy vehicle, because you know that you've just made a big impact on the game, because this vehicle is not coming back.

  • FunAppleFunApple Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    It might promote players not caring if they die.

    Most of players don't care even today. And Respawn Tokens limit and recharge rate will hold players to die every minute.

    Each team gets all their vehicles at the start. No respawning.

    Nice idea for private servers, bad for public which is most. It will simply create two problems: no chances to comebacks and simply first team who lose all supplies will lose the match. Second problem - random people will just argue a lot, what is not acceptable in public games.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 154 ★★

    Each team gets all their vehicles at the start. No respawning.

    That could be kinda fun. It you combined that with the only ticket loss being player death, that would make for a fun game. Sure wish they had more server side settings like this that could be activated and then you could search for servers that had the game play you liked. Let the community work out what type of game play they enjoy the most by joining the servers that host different types of game play.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★

    Or just copy/paste Project Reality's.

    A shared vehicle "token" is just going to result in more reliance on less-dumb teammates.

  • FunAppleFunApple Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    A shared vehicle "token" is just going to result in more reliance on less-dumb teammates.

    Well, it will indeed, but even if some your other teammates will lose vehicle you still have chances to do something else cause that vehicle will not affect your main tokens.

    It's just a way to implement such thing, there may be "squad vehicle tokens", but not for the whole team.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    edited May 2022

    No, it means someone else wastes logi -> spawns more of it -> rinse/repeat -> takes away your ability to spawn a tank or something.

    It's even more chance to screw up. This kind of thing already happens in HLL where it's a fuel system and an incompetent commander can screw up everything(maybe even intentionally).

    Not to mention no vehicle spawn limit means one team can easily snowball into having way more tanks than there should be. (even battlefailed has limits to amount of tanks...etc. on the map)

    "Squad vehicle tokens" would affect ability for more vehicles to be in same squad.

  • FunAppleFunApple Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    Not to mention no vehicle spawn limit means one team can easily snowball into having way more tanks than there should be. (even battlefailed has limits to amount of tanks...etc. on the map)

    You didn't read whole post aren't you?

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