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Linux support thread

sbefsbef Member Posts: 6 Civilian

Probably nobody cares about Linux support, but I wanted to open a dedicated thread for the dozen of us that game on Linux.

I play on Fedora 36 GNOME/Wayland through Steam Proton, with an 6800 XT at 4K. Performance leaves a bit to be desired if I max out everything — I hear performance is a problem for many anyway — but otherwise I can play pretty well.

My personal wishlist and list of issues:

  • EAC is working but with some manual configuration required to make it work. It'd be lovely if it worked like any other Steam/Proton game (i.e. Elden Ring, install and play).
  • Once a day the game hangs for 15 seconds and then it's back to normal. Doesn't happen more than once, but it's caught me in the open standing there like a pillock a couple times now.


  • SuperOlegSuperOleg Member Posts: 2 Civilian


    Me too

    Ubuntu, vega 56 or 6600xt

  • SloanSloan Member Posts: 96 ★★

    I also care, I would prefer a native linux build so I don't need to switch to windows at all.

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