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MrPeachMrPeach Member Posts: 5 Civilian

Hello we are [SIXX],

for appeals, chilling with the community, and up-to-date information, join our discord.

Discord: discord.io/teamsixx




The following expectations apply in the servers and in the discord

1.1 - No hate speech, racism, sexism, ableism or personal attacks of any kind.

1.2 - Admins can remove/ban or otherwise disable any tags, names (player or Discord user), squad names, etc. that they deem offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

1.3 - No toxicity, griefing or trolling.

1.4 - No spamming, be it in chat or voice during a game, on Discord channels or any other areas. This includes playing music over local chat during staging.

1.5 - No unapproved advertisement, recruiting or promotion.

1.6 - In game issues should be directed to an admin with the “!admin +msg”. Please state the offending player in the message (e.g. !admin [SIXX] USERNAME intentional tk me).

1.7 - Appeal kicks and/or bans in #ban-appeals channel on Discord only, and report problems in #admin-hotline channel.

1.8 - Issues/suggestions should be discussed in our Discord, no in-game/chat arguing with admins.

1.9 - No impersonating admins or OWI staff.

1.10 - Admins have the ability to interpret suspect actions and behavior and take any action they see fit in order to protect the integrity of the SIXX server and player community.


Gameplay Rules


The following expectations apply to all players on TEAM SIXX SQD servers.

2.1 - No use of cheats, glitches, or exploits.

2.2 - No ghosting (defined as providing/gaining information in-game that you would not otherwise have), stream sniping, or similar behavior.

2.3 - No intentional team killing. This includes retaliation against a previous TK.

2.4 - No asset wasting and do not hinder your team. This includes helicopter ramming.

2.5 - Squad Leaders must have and use mics, and use a Squad Lead kit. Do not create a Squad without intent to Squad Lead.

2.6 - Squadleaders can kick for any reason. No retaliation is acceptable.

2.7 - Vehicles are first come first served. Naming a squad your preferred role (i.e. Heli Squad) is preferred, but does not reserve you that vehicle.

2.8 - No soloing vehicles that require Crewman Kit.

2.9 - Officers and Commanders must communicate in English via voice chat.

2.10 - In-game names must consist of alphanumeric characters.

2.11 - No politics. Keep political discourse and discussions out of the game. We are here to have fun.




The following expectations apply only when the server is seeding or on a seeding map

3.1 - Fight over the middle cap.

3.2 - Do not destroy FOBs.

3.3 - Seeding rules are in effect until admin calls it live.

3.4 - No weapon emplacements (mortars, machine guns, tows, ect.).

3.5 - Logis and transport trucks only.

3.6 - All other normal rules apply at discretion of the admins

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