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Kokan northern main changes

RathguardRathguard Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I play on a fairly popular server and recently there has been some discussion about Kokan's north east main. The problem we have discovered is that it is fairly easy to camp the main completely and stop any vehicles getting through.

The server I play does allow main camping with the main justification that OWI gives mains multiple exits and an exclusion zone. This seems to work for every map except for this specific spawn since there is really only one way out and the enemy team can get sightlines onto the roads from Nexus.

My suggestion would that the map could be changed so that the fields and road can be extended to the highlighted area. This would allow team spawning out of there more options when leaving main. It would also make it harder to main camp since there is more area to cover.

If anyone else has some alternate suggestion it would be appreciated.


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