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Looking for mil-sim team

scrubzscrubz Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Looking for real deal squad mates...30 years old eastern U.S time zone..willing to take back seat for team success...I'm new to the game alot to learn but I'm no scrub (tho that's my steam name)have played arma...I have flexible work schedule so if ik in advance I can join whenever you want....plus if you pick me I got a plus one


  • scrubzscrubz Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Discord KLL2344 #9979

  • GSGxDongGSGxDong Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    blacklist is currently taking members we are primarily NA and EST and that my discord is

    kingkongsschlong#9434 if your interested or have more questions.

  • AceMcQueenAceMcQueen Member Posts: 13 Civilian

    37 here so I think we can get some good gaming in together. We are small right now but I plan on trying to keep it that way and build on quality not quantity.

    SFOD-A 0911

    Discord: https:// discord. gg/6RVBMZBB

  • JaegermanJaegerman Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Yo bruh wazzaaaahh. Add my discord WabbaDabba#2719

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