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Love how fobs are working now!

3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 91 ★★

The small changes you've made on fobs/buildables has been great. There are fewer fobs on the map (i.e way less fob spam,) and they are being built up more and actually defended. Building and defending a fob has become more enjoyable, and attacking a fob has also become more enjoyable. It is so much more fun coming up on a built up fob and trying to figure out how to take it down now. The mesh over various elements means you need to be much more careful when approaching and you can't just take out someone that was massively exposed while guarding. The mesh over the actual HAB has made it blend in so much better so they no longer stick out like a sore thumb. I really appreciate the changes to you've made to sandbags not getting destroyed by mortars as easily.

I'd love to see you continue to reduce the build costs of sand bags, razor wire and other defensive items, and even more importantly, reduce the number of shovel digs it takes to build them up. And I'd LOVE if you would provide hedgehog anti-tank barricades. Sandbags and razor wire take too long to build up to try and stop tanks and are simply not effective enough against them. A cheap, quick to build hedgehog would be an amazing addition! I'd still also love to see a "roll" of razor wire be able to be drawn/placed/stretched on to the ground, perhaps with the build cost being "per foot" or something like that.

Keep up the great work! This last release really made the game more enjoyable, as proof by more servers than ever and those servers being full and with huge queues.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 307 ★★
    edited May 9

    Not related to populated servers.

    Not small changes, and they're mostly straight downgrade to gameplay. (one way mirror over hab actually makes it easier for someone to spawncamp for free kills, for example) "fewer fobs" is just anecdote(which can also just be effect of flood of clueless newbs). Only decent change is low razorwires and maybe "optimized" sandbag destruction effect.

    "hedgehog anti-tank barricades" is outdated.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 91 ★★

    "and they're mostly straight downgrade to gameplay"

    I'm playing the game more now because I enjoy the changes. Hopefully you can find your happy place.

  • MatsozetexMatsozetex Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    I do love the new camo nets but one thing that I would like to see implemented is the degrading of these camo nets. Sure, fresh after building these are spick and spam. As soon as you shove an auto rifleman on that observation tower the camo net should provide less and less obscurement (more holes) through its fabric.

  • ThoughtexperimentThoughtexperiment Member Posts: 4 Civilian
    edited May 10

    Terrible idea. Defense was in a really bad place. Attackers had a huge advantage in knowing where the enemy would be. They could easily snipe defenders out of bunkers before they could get a shot off. Hopefully OWI doesn't listen to the whiners and sticks with this much needed change to emplacements.

    If you encounter a camo bunker you can:


    Suppress with MG

    Use mortars

    Push with armor

    Use artillery

    You can no longer get that easy headshot against a defending MG and that's only a good thing.

  • MatsozetexMatsozetex Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Whiners are not a great way to describe people who disagree with you, especially since no one is intrinsically more important than each other compared to developers and OWI playtesters.

    I'm just saying it's a bit silly that the camo nets are working like those mesh hunting hides when instead they should act more correctly. Instead of it being a one-way mirror, it should actually disrupt the silhouette of whatever covers it. It would be better if camo nets made it harder to spot structures, rather than making it harder to spot the people inside that structure, an individual soldier dying in an observation tower is less meaningful than a HAB or repair station getting noticed, and the effectively near glowing camo nets for some maps are so blatantly easy to spot.

    I'll fully retract my comment of camo nets having a degrading mechanic because I believe now they should be flat out reworked. I have played a lot of games during the recent patch and spectated a bunch in admin cam too. All I saw of these camo nets was I guy firing, their massive muzzle flash giving them away, the enemy soldier aiming 5cm above the centre of the muzzle flashing and doming the guy.

    What makes or breaks a defence is HAB knowledge, and sure, fortification health has been buffed. But a super FOB is only good if you can spawn on it, and a sneakier HAB is still crucial within the game. Camo nets should assist in that sneakiness.

    See below examples of camo nets in real life.

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