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Server Closed Connection Issues

YenkoYenko Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I am getting this Server Closed Connection issue every game, Sometimes it will be within the first 30 seconds, 5 minutes or im like 30 minutes into a game and disconnect from every game. Have not made it through the whole game once.

I have a wired connection and it is strong. I join servers with less than 80 ping, Server health is always green. No lagging or anything during the game. Just randomly will disconnect and I cant figure out the issue, Ive reinstalled the game and cannot get it to work.


  • ShinsaShinsa Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Bump on this.

    I am having a very similar issue. Game runs great but get a promp Server Message "Server Closed Connection" After it happens if I don't restart Squad it continues to happen the moment I connect to any server.

    This only began on a new computer. Was playing yesterday just fine on my old PC, got my new PC built and updated today. Started playing and began running into this issue.

  • Dog47441Dog47441 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Just installed a new processor and motherboard and I seem to be having the exact same problem. I join low ping servers and it kicks me in random intervals. Basically the same as the first post. This usually happens at the worst timing aswell, I dont think it happens because im doing anything in particular either. It happens on any server i join regardless of ping and i have tried many things such as clearing my cache, verifying game files, restarting my computer, and reinstalling the game. If anybody has any idea how to fix please let me know because this game is really fun to play.

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