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[HawkZ] SquadZ Zombie community | EU | Active Admins! Active ZOMBIES!

A-HawkA-Hawk Member Posts: 2 Civilian

HawkZ hosts a modded SquadZ Zombies server, we are looking for interested players for this community!

Our community is building up a player base for our server that hosts this awesome SquadZ Zombies mod, we want to bring back the awesome days of a full 100 player server, fighting against zombies! All this while providing great support, great server performance, an awesome community and most importantly: great gameplay!

Are you wondering what this mod is all about? Check out some SquadZ videos!

What are we all about?

• A respectful environment.

We are a community where you treat others with respect, and others treat you with respect, because we all play Squad to have a good time, let's help each other with that!

• Great gameplay.

We believe we offer a unique game experience to our players, this by the mod we run, the staff that ensures 24/7 discord support, in game guidance and support, and by the player base on our server and discord.

• A sustainable community.

We want a SquadZ server that doesn't come, and go, we are here to stay, help us develop and build this community!

Are you interested in joining us? Join our discord, or come visit our server! Discord.gg/phUq9sDxK2

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