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Minor M72 Rework

MouldyTacoMouldyTaco Member Posts: 1 Civilian

It occurred to me today that there's a cool feature of the M72 (IRL) that would have been really fun to see in-game.

The three-prong front sight of the M72 is in-fact designed to support range estimation. Looking at a BMP 1 from the side on flat and level ground, if the vehicle takes up the full width of the front sight then you can estimate it to be 100 m away. From the front, at 100 m it takes up the space between two prongs. Likewise, a side-view where it occupies the space between two prongs can range it to 250 m and if it takes about half the space between two prongs then it is around 350 m away.

I've just tested this on Jensen's Range and the same is not true in-game. The sight appears to be about 75% the width it should be in order to achieve this effect (independent of FOV). A full-width sight picture lands me close to 200 m from the target.

Though it's a small detail, I think correcting this would go a long way in making the game feel just a touch more real and it would benefit those with some experience on the weapon system. Understandably, this would probably require a big rework of the first-person model which obviously won't be high on the list and might end up looking awkward. Still, thought I would put it out there.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 487 ★★
    edited April 23

    Works just fine in-game, first of all BTR is longer/slimmer than BMP, second "200m" target doesn't necessarily mean 200m from where you're standing.

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