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Can we be allowed to edit our own Posts?

ZenegradZenegrad Member Posts: 4 ★★

I 100% understand not being allowed to edit other peoples posts, but we should be able to edit or delete our own Forum posts if possible.


  • Mister SkippyMister Skippy Member Posts: 7 ★★

    Good idea, but most forums (actually never seen one) can't let you edit your post even the old joinsquad forum

  • DaresiosDaresios Member Posts: 8 ★★

    On the old forum you were definitely able to edit your own posts, atleast in the modding section where you would constantly have to update your post(s) about your project(s) it was possible to do so.

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Posts: 28 Moderator

    It's actually allowed to edit your own posts, that's what the ranks are for, though. Check this out:

  • WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 19 ★★

    +1 on this. Especially recruitment posts and modding posts need regular updates. The only way to update that now is by either having people like your post 25 times or by asking to delete the thread and create a new one. I am sure the devs have a good reason to not allow us to edit (spam prevention) but it makes some posts very difficult to maintain up-to-date 😕

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Posts: 28 Moderator
    edited April 28

    No, points arent per-post basis. If you gather 25 points on your account, you will get the rank.

    However, I think the limit should be removed above 25 points and up. I don't know how much this is still under consideration to change, though.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 56 ★★

    Being able to edit your own posts being locked behind a point system seems kinda odd. Being able to fix a word here or there in a post is one of those basic things that everyone should have access to. Locking things like signatures, emojis, titles, etc. behind a system like this makes sense but editing your own posts doesn't. I honestly can't think of a reason why you'd want to do it like this.

  • DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    I can understand why you wouldn't be able to edit a post, as it could be viewed as an audit trail if someone we to report something distasteful or similar, and would prevent the poster going back to correct before a mod/admin checked to verify a report.

  • DesmoLockeDesmoLocke North Carolina, USAMember Posts: 5 ★★

    Taking a screen capture and PMing it to a mod/admin used to be the way to report rule breaking. Maybe flagging a post should freeze it from being edited until it’s been cleared by a mod/admin?

  • OWI_KrispyOWI_Krispy Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 52 Community Manager

    The points required for Lieutenant have just been reduced from 25 to 10 to help shorten the gap, and some further explanation has been added to the Ranks post on ways to earn points. As pointed out, it's a small stopgap to prevent newer accounts from posting and then quickly editing to get out of a report.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 53 ★★

    Understandable, I run a squad group myself, but I don't mind commenting on a few posts to get my "points up" so I can post links in the recruiting section. It gets the forum active at least.

  • FidFid Member Posts: 3

    Most forums I've been on allow you to do that. It's standard practice for vBulletin, myBB, xenF and IPB based

  • Deutsche KücheDeutsche Küche Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Another way to use those features should be depending on the time you did register on the forums.

    This account will only be used to edit our recruiting thread but now i need to farm likes or anything else to be able to edit and implement links...


    Please leave a like for me 🙂

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    The old pubg forums and steam forums let you do it.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 20 ★★

    Well, I have an idea, it's a stupid one but it's an idea.

    Just ask Krispy to edit your post if you need your post to be edited. ^^

  • FidFid Member Posts: 3

    That definitely won't add unnecessary load to his job

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34
  • Silly_SavageSilly_Savage Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Editing your own posts should not be locked behind a "rank".

    I don't believe the pros of potentially "preventing spam or problematic content" outweighs the con of being unable to edit one's own posts. Being able to edit the words and/or structure of your posts just seems fundamental to writing and discourse in general.

    Earning points via the "Like" emojis seem like it'd just encourage users to beg for likes on their posts akin to Facebook.

    That's all for now. If you enjoyed this reply, then please don't forget to "Agree", "Like", and "Awesome" this post; it helps immensely. See ya next time, Silly_Savage out! *cue outro*

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 53 ★★

    Alright so it's been a few days now, and it should probably be tied to posts, no one really is using the "like, awesome, lol, etc." If it was displayed in a manner similar too reddit, I think that would encourage utilization, but it doesn't seem to get much usage.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 20 ★★

    That was sarcastic and not meant seriously.

  • MunsterMunster Member Posts: 16 ★★

    Agree that we should be able to edit posts from the get go. I am always messing something up or discover something I'd like to change. Also, posting links or adding a signature should be possible from the start. I understand that this is supposed to cut down on spam, but honestly, who is going to invade an actively monitored forum.

  • DaydreamerDaydreamer Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    I'll just go ahead an like or lol or whatever I see in this topic. Not that it has any value that way, but if that's what it takes... You could return the favor if you want to...

    (Just to be clear, this is some kind of feedback, and it's not good feedback ;) )

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