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Controls remapping - support required

RusuliRusuli Member Posts: 1 Civilian


I've barely started playing your game but I'm enjoying it so far, reminds me of good times with friends in ARMA 2 back in the day. I wanted to learn how to fly the helicopter but unfortunately your default controls do not mesh well with me and I want to try something else.

Control remapping for keyboard and mouse is implemented but I noticed some seriously annoying bugs. I basically want to swap pitch and roll to the keyboard (this works fine on WASD) and adjust collective and yaw with the mouse (the controls remapping does not allow for this).

As the control remapping does not specify which mouse axis is positive, every time any settings are applied the axes are inverted. So I would either have to get used to inverted yaw and down-means-up for collective, or not use this control scheme. Why must I re-apply settings often enough for this to matter? Because every time I exit the heli, my general mouse sensitivity setting has to be re-applied. This is two bugs combining to create an issue.

The other issue is that ideally I would have collective adjustment bound to mousewheel up and down, but this is apparently impossible (it simply doesn't adjust the collective with these binds).

I vaguely remember flying helis in ARMA back in the day with settings like these - a mouse cannot approximate a joystick as it does not travel the same axes or planes, so why force the player to use a mouse in this way?

If this issue can be addressed I'm sure many players would appreciate it. Thanks for your time

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