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{PTFO} Play Tactical & Focus Objectives - Teamwork Oriented -

CJonesCJones Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Hello Everyone! My name is Brain Damaged Canuck and I am a founding admin of the Play Tactical & Focus on Objectives, {PTFO}, Squad community. We are a group of like minded squad players that came together through social media / in-game and have decided to create a server where we can play the way it's designed.

We are recently licensed and looking to grow! Our community objective is to provide the Squad community with a place where tactics and objective play is prioritized and enforced. We believe we can do this by enforcing communication through command chat, and being ruthless when it comes to asset wasting and griefing. 

If you are interested in learning more about {PTFO} then check out our mission statement, our discord, and hop in our server:

“For far too long friends are stuck in queues, waiting to get into the popular servers only to find that it’s Al Basrah Invasion, the FOBs are on Oil Refinery, no one is talking, and all the logi's are stranded in the desert. PTFO aims to provide a community of experienced squad players who use tactics, strategy, and teamwork. We will provide this by encouraging tactful communication in Command chat and harboring strict rules against asset wasting and teamwork that does not fit the principles of communication and collaboration. We thrive on mechanized infantry, flanking enemy positions and utilizing teamwork to achieve a victory each and every game. A stable server, and a great group of people brings effective admins, and great squad leaders together. PTFO is home to everyone. “

We are always looking for more admins, please feel free to reach out via pm.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/AUBhb9UQhX

Squad Server: {PTFO} Play Tactical & Focus Objectives - Teamwork Oriented

Hope to see ya'll out there!

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