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Infantry Operated Personal Drones to be a Staple of 21st Century Warfare

CassCass Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Warfare has noticeably advanced past the Iraq war as of 2022...

The Iraq war was a testing ground advancements in drones, and for indirect fire solutions so that Infantry could react quickly to destroy targets without any approval for air support, and never put themselves at risk if they don't have too.

Well, the setup and engagement speed of these weapons has significantly decreased in the past few decades, to the point where it's not much slower then quickly whipping out an NLAW rocket launcher and eliminating a tank that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

I don't think we can ignore the reality of drones and smart indirect fire weapons supplementing infantry combat anymore. That's just where warfare is at right now...

A good example of an existing weapon system like this reaching a level of maturity where it is 1) mass produced, 2) widely distributed to infantry, and 3) and trained upon for use, would be the "Switchblade Drone" currently being distributed and used in Ukraine:

I can't post a link, but look it up.

Its relatively cheap ($6000 per shot). Its only 5-6 lbs, and can probably be deployed and fired and less than a minute against light vehicles and personnel. Its something that by now that would be available to all different types of military forces. And it would be numerously carried by multiple members of a squad (not just one drone per regiment etc.)

I think if we are to remain current on the reality of modern warfare, handheld drones should be a planned update. I wonder how it would tactically change the game as well as how we think about the current strategies of modern warfare.


  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    >I think if we are to remain current on the reality of modern warfare

    Well there's your answer, Squad is not about remaining current on reality of modern warfare. From the very beginning, the notion of any type of land action between Russia and any NATO faction as depicted in Squad should more than tell you that accurately simulating modern combat is not Squad's focus nor should it drive development.

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