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《ACE》ACE Gaming Server/Community

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About Us

ACE Gaming is a new Community founded by two United State Army Infantryman (11Cs) as a clan around April 07, 2022, and have been growing since. Right now ACE Gaming is 8 Active Members with 7 Affiliate users in our discord that play with us. As a new Gaming Community we have a few Admins at 4, and looking to expand the community into a notable community that is known for our balanced rounds, intense fighting, but also known for teaching new players about the game, but also the style which we fight in. Our Server has 39 Layers with 16 Invasion, 7 AAS, 12 RAAS, 3 TC, and 1 Tank Layer allowing for differences in playstyle each round. We are not set on a rotation as our rotation is randomized to give for a different experience at all times.

Our Intent

The intent of the ACE Gaming Squad server is to allow more experience players to have a community in which they can trust no toxicity, fun times, but intense fighting on maps that test the skills of many of the players. We also wish to have many new players that want to get into the Squad and learn the skills of many veterans, our main goal is to not take players from others, but grow a new community that players can trust the Admins and have a voice. We look forward to suggestions as suggestions help keep the players engaged in the community, but also create a family environment as we at ACE are family.


  1. Absolutely no trolling/mic spamming. Arguments on Command VC/Squad VC will result in kick of participating parties.
  2. No Racism/Sexism/Hate Speech/etc. Be a Decent Human.
  3. Ghosting/Metagaming is prohibited and will result in a perm ban.
  4. You must join a Squad. This allows for clear communication with the team.
  5. Squad baiting will result in a ban. If you create a Squad, you intend to lead the Squad.
  6. SLs must have a mic + SL Kit. Allows for clear communications.
  7. Asset wasting/Team Sabotage is prohibited. If you cannot fly, do not fly. No Heli Ramming. Etc.
  8. Apologize for all Teamkills. If person is bugged, say "Sorry for TK, person Bugged," the person that is bugged must say they are bugged.
  9. Vehicles that require crewed must have 2 crewmen before leaving main. No Solo Crewed Vehicles.
  10. Vehicle Claiming is based off name Accuracy. If a Squad has "Armored," and another has "BTR-82A" the Squad with "BTR-82A" has priority.
  11. Claims on vehicles last all game, if that vehicle is destroyed than you have priority on it when it respawns.
  12. Heli Squads must have the SL as the Pilot, and may only have 3 members in the Squad.
  13. Vehicle Squads must have the SL in the vehicles.
  14. Main Camping is based off intent. If your vehicle is located in which it may stop enemy from getting to the fight and back to main is considered main camping. Mines set up with the intent to stop enemy vehicles from leaving main is main camping. Main camping will result in a Warning for 1st Infraction, 2 day Ban for 2nd Infraction, 7 day ban for 3rd Infraction, and Perm Ban for 4th Infraction.

Thank you,

From The ACE Gaming Community.

Adaptive. Composed. Effective. Gaming

Discord: discord.gg/rRKafjxJUF



  • DEADSCAPEDEADSCAPE Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Rules Edited (ALL)

    Section I: General Rules

    a. No Audio Spamming

    The overuse of one's Microphone (Mic Spamming) to play music, yell, general toxicity, or argue with other during the game (Staging Phase/Post-Game Recap) is considered Audio Spamming.

    b. Only Alpha-Numeric Names Are ALLOWED

    Names that have Special Characters are Subject to be kicked, as they MAY increase the amount of time to respond to one's request or perform basic Admin task.

    c. Politics Are NOT Tolerated

    Political Items in Names, Squad Names, Chatted About, and etc. can cause a rift in teammates with opposite views, and create a hostile environment!

    d. Team Sabotage WILL Result in a Ban

    Sabotaging your OWN teams Radios, HABs, Intentional Teamkilling, Trolling, and etc. are encompassed by Team Sabotage. These actions may result in permanent ban as you are disrupting others experiences.

    e. Hate Speech is NOT Tolerated on ACE Gaming

    Hate Speech Encompasses, but is NOT limited to Sexism, Racism, or Hate on Religion. Instances of Hate Speech that is offenses or ruins the experience of other players during their time on 《ACE》Gaming will result in consequences from Admins as seen fit.

    f. Do NOT Ghost/Metagame

    Giving Positions/Information of YOUR Team to the ENEMY Team is considered Metagaming/Ghosting will result in Adverse Actions.

    g. Cheating Will Result in being Banned

    Glitches (i.e. Healing Someone through Floor/Wall, Digging Emplacements down through Floor/Wall, etc.), and cheating such as tracking people with "WALLs," using "Aim Bot," and anything they give you an unfair advantage may result in ban.

    h. No Unarmed Kits on a Live Server

    The use of Unarmed Kits on a Live Server is prohibited as it does NOT create a realistic/balanced environment. May also be considered asset wasting.

    i. Self Promoting/Poaching is NOT Allowed

    Recruiting People to A Clan WITHOUT Approval from the Founders will Result in the Blacklisting of All Clan Members involved. j. Players NOT Assigned to a Squad WILL Be Auto Kicked The fundamentals of the game is to have clear communication and work as a team, and when one does NOT join a squad they cut themselves off from the experience of the game!

    k. Main Camping is Based Off Intent WILL NOT be Tolerated

    The Emplacement of mines, vehicles, or persons in which the intent is to stop the flow of vehicles or person to the battlefield WITHOUT any other route to the Battlefield is Main Camping. Admins WILL punish as seen fit.

    l. Wasting of Admin's Time Will Result in a Kick

    !admin <reason> is used for Reporting Issues, not asking questions about rules, saying hi, or anything irrelevant to support for rules being broken.

    m. Failure to Adhere to Admins WILL Result in a BAN

    Our Admins' Mission is to create a fair and learning environment for both teams, and with their orders they are trying to create that. If you do NOT abide by their orders, then they may ban you! If they are unfair or you may feel they are unfair, please create a ticket to report the issue.

    Section II: Squad Leading Rules

    a. Squad Leads MUST have SL Kit + Mic

    Squad Leads that do NOT have SL Kit cannot perform the basic task that a Squad Lead must, and a Mic allows clear communications between all other Squad Leads.

    b. Squads May NOT be Locked Below 4 Members.

    The exception to this rules is with a Squad named "Armored, Heli, or Logis.

    c. Squad Baiting is NOT Allowed

    If you create a Squad, you must lead it.

    d. Squad Leads MAY Kick Anyone For Any Reason

    Squad Leads have the right to develop their Squads as they wish, and if someone does NOT fit their idea, they may kick!

    e. Do NOT pass SL Role to Any Other Person

    If you intended on leaving server during middle of the game, and you are a SL please ask if anyone wants SL. If no one does please just disband the Squad.

    f. Heli/Crewed Armor/Logistical Squads MAY have Max 3 Members.

    Having more than 3 members in an Armor, Heli, or Logistical Squads takes away from the experience of fighting combat, and may make teams unbalanced.

    Section III: Vehicle Rules

    a. Vehicle Claims Are Based Off Accuracy

    If a Squad has their name as "BTR-82A" and another has it as "Armor," the Squad with "BTR-82A" has priority no matter if they were created later. However, if there are multiple Squads named the same thing, then the first Squad has priority

    b. Solo Crewing Vehicles that Require Crewman is NOT Allowed

    Vehicles that need both Drivers and Gunner to have Crewman MAY NOT leave main until having TWO Crewman.

    c. Vehicles at Main are NOT to be Used as Ubers to your friend.

    Vehicles must be used to support Squaddies such as creating FOBs, getting to point, or covering fire. They should NOT be left in a field in the middle of the map, if you drop vehicles off, please leave them close enough to HABs to recover.

    d. Heli Pilots MUST be SL and have a Lead Pilot Kit

    SLs of Heli Squads need to create clear communication with other Squads, so they must be in the Heli to Direct

    e. Armor SL MUST be in the Vehicle

    SLs of Armor do NOT have to drive or shoot, but they must be in the vehicle to insure clear communication with other Squads.

    f. Heli Ramming is NOT Allowed

    Intentional Heli Ramming is considered asset wasting and will NOT be tolerated.

    g. Taking of Other Squad Vehicle WITHOUT Permission of Other Squad is NOT Allowed

    Taking of Another Squad's Vehicle WITHOUT their permission may prohibit the other Squad from performing the task that is needed by their SL. Please Ensure you ask for permission to take vehicle, unless Transport Vehicle (It MAY be taken at anytime WITHOUT Permission)

    All Rules are Judged by Admin's Discretion. Thank you for playing ACE Gaming

  • DEADSCAPEDEADSCAPE Member Posts: 5 Civilian
    edited May 2022

    (EDITTED) Section II.f Heli/Crewed Armor/Logistical Squads MAY have Max 3 Members. to NEW Section II.f Heli/Logistical Squads MAY have Max 3 Members. Crewed Armored is NOW Allowed to stack inside One Squad, however please be conscious of the Vehicle Claim Rules and understand that, Crewed Armor may stack, but if they are Armor too, they have claim on One Vic, too.

    (EDITTED)Section III.a a. Vehicle Claims Are Based Off Accuracy and is ONLY on One Vehicle

    If a Squad has their name as "BTR-82A" and another has it as "Armor," the Squad with "BTR-82A" has priority no matter if they were created later. However, if there are multiple Squads named the same thing, then the first Squad has priority. When Squad is stacking Armor, they only have claim to one of those vehicles, and the others that are stacked are on Lease. Meaning if there is another Armor Squad they have Claim on One Vehicle, too, so that stacked Armored Squad MUST give up one Vehicle if they are Requested too.

    All Rules are Judged by Admin's Discretion, however if there is any reports of Admin Abuse, please Report to IA in our Discord, and with the proper amount of evidence, and that Admin will be dealt with Accordingly. We are here to create a very balanced battlefield, that is fun for all parties. Thank you for Playing ACE Gaming.

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