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Squad noob looking for mature relaxed fun players

MaxpainMaxpain Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Just got Squad so looking at getting into game for some fun and to try and learn how to play it. Tried HLL but hate getting 1 shotted every 3 minutes and never seeing the enemy, Not looking for a huge clan where nobody knows each other so smaller clans/groups that are relaxed and easy going would be fun.

Also prefer mature people as screaming rage quitting kids do my head in.

Fluent in EN/NL


  • FORCEFORCE Member Posts: 13

    Probably late to the party, but feel free to send me a message on Discord, me and my guys would gladly show you the ropes.

    We are a small community of no more then 25 players max.

    [CRC] FORCE#9392

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