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Operation X - Recruitment

Operation X ManagementOperation X Management Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello everyone,

We are Operation X, better known that OpX

OpX is a new server where you will get the chance to play with loads of people around the world. You can also meet new people from our clans who you can learn a great deal about this game and how to get the most out of everything.

OpX is a squad focused clan but we can also dabble in other games such as:

  • Arma 3
  • Post Scriptum
  • War Thunder
  • And many more!

What we can provide:

  • Active Community
  • Access to public and training server (Coming Soon)
  • Weekly Training
  • Vanilla and modded events every 2 weeks, creating new experiences. 
  • Access to our community competitive team with enough training and a competent level of skill

The requirements:

  • English speaking
  • We accept casual and competitive players
  • Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh
  • Join our discord voice channels and our server to be considered
  • Must be active in game and in the community
  • Mutual respect for your clan mates

If you have any questions either email us at: [email protected]

Or message us on our discord server: https://discord.gg/J62ym7TQDs

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