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Squad Leader & Server Admin Perspective on Most Pressing Issues

ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★
edited April 29 in Game Support

I'm going to start out by asking that anyone that contributes to this thread do so constructively. The employees reading this are people with emotions like you or I and deserve to be treated as such. These forums are the best possible line of communication to concisely lay out our most pressing concerns without the spam of discord chat drowning it out.

Most Pressing

  1. Logistics Supply Bug
    1. Status: Devs aware and working on a fix
    2. Description: Any vehicle with supplies/ammo capabilities have a chance to appear broken for some players, as in the player can not see the supplies nor can they interact with the radial menu associated with said supplies
    3. Impact: Near Game-breaking; there is now a hurried shuffle at the beginning of each match to determine if anyone in the squad can even interact with the supplies. Need a supply run? Better hope your HAT/LAT, Medic, or Combat Engineer aren't the only people without the bug.
    4. Dev Directed Question: What can we(the playerbase) do to assist? What data would the team find most helpful?
    5. Possible Band-Aid(s): Rejoining the server seems to have a very high rate of success for 'fixing' the bug on an individual basis.
  2. APC Bug
    1. Status: Dev Awareness not known; is not mentioned in patchnote 'Legacy Known Issues" section
    2. Description: Currently appears to happen at random on an individual basis; when a player enters an APC(BTR, Striker, LAAV) there is a chance that the player is sent to the "Spawn Screen"/Deployment Menu. The player is still in the vehicle but can no longer see/interact(unable to exit or switch seats). Typing respawn in the console does nothing and while it does give you the option to deploy at main/FOB/Rally it does not actually work. Once you confirm your spawn choice...nothing happens.
    3. Impact: Using APCs for transportation of squads to rapidly re-deploy or to enter heavy combat zones is a gamble that I and many other SLs choose not to make; losing half my squad and/or myself to a bug that requires death or rejoining is a cost too great. APCs are a useful asset and their respawn timer/ticket cost means relying on vehicle death is silly. Rejoining means waiting in a queue for many and possibly losing Commander Assets for SLs.
    4. Dev Directed Question: What can we(the playerbase) do to assist? What data would the team find most helpful? Consider that this appears to happen regardless of faction, map, layer, etc. Does this change the info you need from us?
    5. Possible Band-Aid(s): Rejoining the server will fix the issue of being stuck on spawn screen but does not appear to have an effect on the cause of the issue. The only other 'fix' is waiting for the vehicle to be destroyed.
  3. Vehicle Reset Bug
    1. STATUS: Dev Awareness not known; is not mentioned in patchnote 'Legacy Known Issues" section
    2. Description: The interaction menu for the Vehicle Reset Feature seems to exit prematurely forcing you to have to start over on the vehicle reset.
    3. Impact: The time required to flip isn't exactly short(not the issue, flipping should have negative consequences) so multiple restarts makes for a very frustrating amount of time wasted.
    4. Dev Directed Question: What can we(the playerbase) do to assist? What data would the team find most helpful?
    5. Possible Band-Aid(s): No known workaround other than 'git gud' aka Don't Flip / Patience while repeating the process until successful.

This list is in no way shape or form comprehensive but they are the most mentioned and game-altering bugs I encounter. Until we know if/what specific data is required feel free to post your own possible fixes for any of the above.

-A[BB] ChrisJ

Bella's Battleground Admin

ChrisJ#0001 on Discord. Feel free to DM me for clarification, examples of the issue, or if you feel I omitted a game breaking bug. I am in the official Squad discord server, the official Mod discord server, and the Bella's Battleground Discord Server.


  • FluorineGasFluorineGas Member Posts: 2

    Re: 2a, devs have acknowledged it a multitude of times in the discord (almost every time it's posted in #v2-bug-reports)

    Re: 2e, any variation of switching teams/attempting to switch teams will fix the bug. I.e. if you try to switch teams, even if autobalance doesn't let you, it will fix the bug, you can also get an admin to switch your team twice to fix it. Sometimes you can use the kick from vehicle function where someone switches into a non-squad member's seat but it's super unreliable.

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    I must admit I don't frequent the bug reports channel on discord due to the amount of conversation that floods out the simple issue post and dev response

    Thank you for adding that, I was unaware the team switch would fix it. When I'm a big enough boi to edit my posts I'll add that band-aid.

  • vilnoia1vilnoia1 Member Posts: 3 ★★

    Referring to the Reset Bug

    I would say this is an issue. However I would also say that the time to reflip a vehicle needs to decrease as a lot of times flipping a vehicle IMO is 80% of the time a game error, not a player error; ie: hitting a small rock in the road or an invisible corpse or clipping an object, that shouldn't really impact your vehicle.

    Also believe that there should be an option to move your vehicle forward or backward using the F menu to help overcome a high center moment or a helicopter that has is too close to trees.

    The APC Bug is also definitely an issue and I have asked for an update on this.

  • DoubelDoubel Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    A bandaid (which does not always work, because it is not always occurring in a kickable seat) solution for the APC bug is to be kicked from your seat by your SL. Of course this requires you being kicked from the squad, then kicked from the vehicle. When it is applicable (the seat is kickable) this has worked 100% of the time. Just wanted to make sure it's written down as it can save a lot of hassle and time.

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    Suggestions & Feedback from my perspective is people discussing things that are working as intended but could be improved upon for quality of life, immersion, etc. or features someone would like to see added.

    Bug reporting, while it could technically fall under feedback, is more focused on things that are not working as intended and are impacting gameplay or immersion.

    Before I made my post I looked at both sub-forums and the stickied bug report thread under game support seemed the best fit.

    From an outsiders perspective it seems more likely QA would frequent the game support forums. Just my 2¢

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Posts: 28 Moderator
    edited April 29

    I'll move it back, since I see your point. It's all still fresh and not well rinsed through, so pardon the chaos :)

    Also removed the past 3 posts as they only clutter the discussion.

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    I understand completely and am genuinely appreciative we have forums back. TY!

  • GrÜmÞŠGrÜmÞŠ Member Posts: 4 ★★

    3.e Possible Band-Aid(s): No known workaround other than 'git gud' aka Don't Flip / Patience while repeating the process until successful.

    It definitely seems to happen on its own, more often when further away from the vehicle but having someone passing in front of you or even slightly by you while resetting a vic, using an ammo crate or ammo bag will cause the menu to disappear. Had a friend jumping over me side to side while trying to reset once and it closed on me three times as he jumped over and a forth as he walked passed me and the truck within an armlength on my right. Not every time but I'd say that's some decent replication of what the issue is.

  • OWI_KrispyOWI_Krispy Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 56 Community Manager

    Just want to say thanks for this thread. Having a defined list of the top issues you're experiencing is certainly handy, and though we're aware of many of the issues and are tracking them internally (with fixes coming soon 🤞) what is more useful is also getting other players' perspectives and their experiences.

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    Absolutely. I don't know if there is a way around this or if a moderator can change it but I'd like to add band-aids players have posted in here to the main post.

    P.S. Fixes coming in 3 weeks, amirite? 😉

  • fuzzheadtffuzzheadtf Member Posts: 5 ★★

    1 & 2 are highly likely linked to the same root problem, and potentially fixed or largely reduced in in occurence.

    @ChrisJ please let us know after the weekend if you guys see either of these 2 bugs occuring.

  • fuzzheadtffuzzheadtf Member Posts: 5 ★★

    As for Vehicle Recovery Feature (Reset), heres the following bugs we are tracking with the system right now:

    • Vehicle Recovery System needs to be implemented for Helicopters when engines are off. Not a trivial task as the way Helicopter model works means a whole new method will need to be created, tested and QA.
    • Vehicle Recovery System has an issue with adding a rotation while the timer is running, it changes the UI progress bar to be longer, but its visual only does not affect the actual required time.
    • Vehicles get stuck in trees when using Vehicle Recovery feature too close to a tree.

    The one you mentioned sounds like it needs to be ticketed, any further info with video would be helpful.

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