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Microphone bug - HyperX Cloud Revolver S Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset

PhillPhill Member Posts: 1 Civilian


long time squad player (just back after a break). I am experiencing an interesting bug with my microphone.

I will enter a server, my microphone works fine, not issues. Then maybe 15 minutes into a game I get told by someone in the squad that my microphone is not working properly. I sound like a robot or something similar. It is not bad enough to stop me being understood but still annoying for my team. This has occurred dozens of times. Interestingly, when I am in game I can go in to voice recorder and indeed my microphone isnt working. Once i leave the game, everything is back to normal. Only way to fix it is leave the game and restart it, obviously a sub-optimal solution.

I've played with this setup before in squad, including this headset (previous versions of the game). All my drivers are up to date. I play other online games without this issue occurring and sit on discord for hours chatting and have no issue. So it is some kind of clash with squad. All my drivers are up to date.

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