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Add Another Logie Weakness Reward LAT Accuracy

CasanovaCasanova Member Posts: 15

I suggest allowing the LAT to 1-shot a logie if they hit the ammo boxes on the rear of the vehicle. It only makes sense and will reward those players for their accuracy and (or) their ability setup a successful ambush.



  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 307 ★★
    edited April 12

    It was already like this before doubledamage bug got fixed, shooting ammobox and main body of logi results in double damage(usually by LAT against the guardrails with ammobox behind it).

    Definitely should get added in; could be fun to try to rescue burning ammo from logi.

  • ThoughtexperimentThoughtexperiment Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    It's absolutely criminal that a LAT can't disable a logi, but an MG can completely annihilate everyone in it.

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