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Conventional Faction Machine Gunner Kit Optic Inconstantsy

CasanovaCasanova Member Posts: 15

What was thinking behind only giving Russian (1p78) and US (M145) factions having scopes on their Machine Gunner kits but the Canadian Army and the British Army have iron sights on their weapons. A description of the machine gunner kit is "... featuring sights that zero beyond a kilometer..." another description is "Capable of sustained medium to long-range direct fire support and suppression."

I hope I'm not coming off rude just want to understand why half the conventional factions are not on the same level using the same optic type.



  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★
    edited April 2022

    First of all 1p78 isn't even that good, it's the 2nd worst zoom out of all scopes and only has markings out to 400m.

    For example, if you're playing on sideway lashkar map, it gets very obvious. (RUS should get range-adjustable 1p29 back, as 1p29 is an universal optic with cams for AK/PKM and even SVD, with 1p78 taking the spot of the current green dot nozoom scope; even that won't be overpowered)

    Second, it's because UK(highest damaging/lowest recoil/most accurate common 5.56)/CAF(basically fullauto m4) have the best common primary rifles + optics, so far(before the overpowered bias AUS faction get added).

    They also have more scope on:

    CE - UK: SUSAT is getting a buff and it's still better than no scope(because scopes reduce actual recoil, besides G3).

    CAF has literally the best CE kit(same stats as regular rifles, just 1 less magazine)

    HAT - UK: again SUSAT, better compared to US; UK ironsight HAT has grenade while RUS gets nothing (US has smoke rounds that can one-shot people...etc.)

    CAF: still the best(same reason as CE); holosight HAT has reduced recoil(like scoped guns) like all CAF ironsight/holosight weapons, and lightspeed HE rounds

    Crewmen: UK has SUSAT on Crewman SL

    In addition, UK has tracerless scoped SL kit with the best scope that has foregrip bipod(that's probably a bug), as if recoil wasn't low enough already...

    CAF has what is basically 200 round box M249(you respawn with 2 free boxes of 400 rounds total, which is more rounds than a full ironsight RPK-74M loadout of 360), which means typical players will never run out of ammo even without resupply), which is extremely effective in both ironsight and scoped version. Both UK and CAF(and US, obviously) get that advantage over RUS which has pathetic RPK-74M which is situationally worse than AK-74M because it lacks both rate of fire and ammo capacity, as well as having lower accuracy than AK, plus tracers to make it even easier to find you.

    And obviously, CAF bolt action sniper rifle(the only 1.0x gravity firearm in game, I believe, it penetrates TIGR glass and hull).

    You should be wondering why RUS has the worst common primary rifles and AR instead.

    Finally, "sights that zero beyond a kilometer" means literally nothing because enemy infantry don't render past 1km.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 142 ★★

    Canadians and the British don't use anything other than irons on their GPMG's.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★
    edited May 2022

    You don't respawn with 2 boxes of 200rounds for caf's m249 anymore, but it gets 200 rounds which is still better than the rest(either 100 for 100 rounds m249 variants, or in case of OWI's social justice choice - 90 rounds for rpk-74)

    Considering the tendency of OWI to totally disregard balance in favor of western factions, Squad will get "placeholder" optics slapped onto those guns as soon as a hint of optics use gets spread around internet.

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