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Brutal Bluetooth Issue

3XD3XD Member Posts: 2 Civilian

ok, after a Solid week of trying to figure this out I'm asking the Devs (or MS Level techs) for help. Please.

I have 2 bluetooth headsets fav is JBL TUNE600BTNC other is TremlabXR800.

Problem is getting Audio to work w mic enabled in game. I've tried EVERYTHING I can possibly find online including VB Cable fix. Checking to ensure my mic mute isn't on, to trying just about every Audio config I can think of within the "Hardware & Sound" section. Pulled up the settings app to ensure proper headset is showing for input & output & ran the troubleshooter in the audio section. But couldn't hear the tone when it played it and the troubleshooter had me submit a report w no fix. I went and bought "Driver Booster 9" as well as I read it was a pretty good driver updater. Ran that so all drivers should be up to date. Last night conducted a session w MS tech support. Which went into updating drivers via - Device Manager - Sound Video & Game Controllers - High Definition Audio Device - Update Driver - Browse my comp for drivers - Let me pick from a list of drivers on my comp - And updated the "High Definition Audio Device" in there. Also they sent me to a Win10 web page to "Install a Media Package"....not exact terminology...but It went through that for an hour to no avail this morning.

Love Squad for the game you've made it to be, just want to be able to play it. Can give you whatever is needed for info ect. Please Help!


  • 3XD3XD Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Oh, I should add in here no prob getting bluetooth to connect for "voice & music" in "bluetooth devices" and audio will only come online in game when I (under -> Hardware & Sound -> Audio settings -> Playback tab) disconnect the "hands free AG Audio"....which also immediately disconnects the same under the "Recording" Tab (which is for the mic, correct?) . Can't get audio up w mic enabled. Can't find a setting within the "Hardware & Sound" -> Sound section that can make both work. In Squad I have enabled my JBL TUNE600BTNC Stereo ...under "Output Audio Device" and have JBL TUNE600BTNC Hands free AG audio.....under "Audio Input Device" .

    Now I'm no PC tech obviously....I'm a Master Electrician in RL...but one thing I've found that seems off to me is under Services.msc and under "Bluetooth User Support Service" -> Log on Tab......there is nothing listed under "Log on as" -> This Account.... (nothing listed but password looks to be present. When I click ok to close this I get a services error pop up that says "The Parameter is incorrect".

    Is that an indicator of an issue? Any ideas?

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