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Server Licensing

MERPTVMERPTV Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hi there Squad Team,

I do not know who to contact for this.

My name is Tom a.k.a MERPTV.

I have a YouTube channel called MERPTV with over 900k subscribers and I started renting a Squad server a week ago.

This server is focusing on Desert Maps with the MEE mod, but also Vanilla since the awesome new update.

I requested a License for the official browser, since seeding with my community over 30+ people is not helping to get it full on the custom browser.

I was wondering how long it takes to receive a License since we requested this almost a week ago?

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this game and the joy it brings to our community. ❤️

Server name:

• Operation Dusty Socks • 24/7 Desert Maps [MEE] - Hosted by MERPTV

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