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FPS Still not fixed


This is a joke now, I have tried literally everything and I still cannot play this game because of an fps issue.

I'm confident its not my pc being too weak as games harder to run than this experience no issues at maxed out graphics, GeForce experience optimises the game as maxed out settings and yet I still cant escape 50 - 60fps.

It has to be a game thing as changing graphics levels doesn't affect anything, going from high to medium I lost fps on some tests? how?

Does anyone actually have the answers? devs? people having the same issue? or am I genuinely going to have to give up playing this game because its broken.



    Okay so ive spent all week and a bit trying to find a solution and well the squad public testing game works and all my issues are fixed on it

  • JazzdogJazzdog Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    yeah, i have the same problems. On empty servers i get 70-90 fps, when on populated servers its around 40-50. I also assume its not me since other games run perfectly fine. I have a Ryzen 7 2700 8core, a 2070RTX, 16GB Ram, and the game on SSD.

    Whats that with Public Testing? How can that fix your problems? its for testplay and to provide the devs with your systemfeedback therefore its supposed to be even slower?

  • icyneroicynero Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    same here they know it? they want fix it?

  • sbefsbef Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    I've found that turning Tessellation and SSAO off is the only way I can have smooth 60fps (at 4K on a 6800 XT)

    I used to play on everything maxed until the big shadows update, now I could play maxed, but if I scope in with those options enabled I lose 25 fps, which is mental. Iron sights are unaffected.

    So, now everything's on Epic, Tessellation and SSAO off, Textures can't be on Epic anymore for some reason (even though I have 16 GB VRAM)

    Certainly the game runs very bad for the hardware.

  • KsaweryKsawery Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    edited May 2022

    Same here, the fps drops are definitely worse on some maps (don't remember the names, they were densely forested). Turning off Tessellation and SSAO made a big difference (+30fps) on those maps. I also see BIG fps drops (sometimes even 100fps -> 40fps) when scoping in, especially in forested areas. Turning shadows to low fixes this completely, so it's definitely an issue with shadows. It's fine when I'm not scoping in

    I'm playing on i7 11700f, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM (XMP enabled at 3600Mhz), Windows 10.

    To summarise, the game runs smoothly with Tessellation off, SSAO off and Shadows Low. Issues are mainly seen in forested areas. Before the recent updates the game ran smoothly.

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