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We need a usable replay system.

IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 29

We need a usable replay system.



  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 29


  • LotusLotus Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I agree. It should be a option you can toggle for those with older PC's who don't want to hurt their framerate.

  • billfosterbillfoster Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Yes I totally agree with you.

  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 31 ★★

    Definitely, it existed but poor implementation led it to be bad.

    All OWI needed to do was not make the replay file viewable 2 hours after the file was created (2 hours being a safe estimate since it's the max length of a normal layer) and bam, meta gaming concerns are gone.

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