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We need a usable replay system.

IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 29

We need a usable replay system.



  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 29


  • LotusLotus Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I agree. It should be a option you can toggle for those with older PC's who don't want to hurt their framerate.

  • billfosterbillfoster Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Yes I totally agree with you.

  • ABG MatsozetexABG Matsozetex Member Posts: 31 ★★

    Definitely, it existed but poor implementation led it to be bad.

    All OWI needed to do was not make the replay file viewable 2 hours after the file was created (2 hours being a safe estimate since it's the max length of a normal layer) and bam, meta gaming concerns are gone.

  • YucaYuca Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    We need a usable replay system. The devs made most of the work already. But 99% of the players are unable to use the replay system, that is a waste. You need to be server owner or know him directly (== having high trust) to gain access to this feature.

    My little opinion on this a dev, maybe you can send the replay data ENCRYPTED. The key is generated by the server at the beginning of the match, and given to players at the end of the match. That way, the data is unreadable until the match ended.

    The benefit of this, is a lot of promotion by showing interesting gameplay on youtube.

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