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Can someone help me I can't find customer service

ThanksThanks Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I didn't want to start the game when I clicked on it on March 3rd, so I turned it off. I didn't cheat. Why was I banned?

I've only been playing this game for seven hours. Why are you blocking me? On March 3rd, I was playing the game, and I clicked on the game to start loading bears, and then something happened to me, I wanted to shut down the game before the bear was finished loading and I hit X and I wanted to shut down the game and I came back and the game was online and I found a room to play the game and as soon as IT started I got on the plane and the server was disconnected and I couldn't connect anymore and I said Bannd and I vac blocked it and that's all I did before I blocked it and I didn't cheat at all The game prompted me to cheat, but I did not cheat. I went to the steam customer service and they said that the game was banned and it did not count as being banned by Steam. So I sent an email to the customer service of the game provided by Steam, but I was informed that the email was no longer valid This is the first time I've ever received a VAC ban! Why why why I didn't cheat!

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