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Tetitory Control combined with Flag Capture - Game Mode

AlexIsCoolYoAlexIsCoolYo Member Posts: 1 Civilian


I had an idea for a new gameplay mode that combines traditional flag capture and squad territory control. Due to my lack of knowledge in modding, I'm posting this to see if someone else can make it :)

The general idea is to have Flags on a map consisting of X amount of hex tiles that need to be captured in order to take the flag, instead of the usual have Y amount of people stand around the flag and take it. The hex tiles from flag to flag aren't connected, it's just a small cluster of tiles around a flag.

Different flags could use different amounts of tiles for balancing.

Could be fun to see squads fighting around a flag and having to use the terrain to actually take/hold the objective, instead of just bundling up in a safe location & wait for the flag to be taken...

Once a squad controls all hex tiles, the flag is taken, and the enemy needs to capture the majority of tiles back to neutralize it, & if the enemy takes all tiles, they now own the flag.

Any feedback? :)

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