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Hotkey to directly reply on the direct-coms channel another SL contacted you on.

GhostyGhosty Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hi, this is something very simple that would greatly improve life as a squad leader.

Let's say you are SL of Squad 2 and SL of Squad 6 contacts you via. direct-coms.

Currently: You have to pay attention which squad just contacted you and use your numpad keys (which aren't always handy, especially if you're flying helicopter for example).

My suggestion: You just press the new hotkey and it instantly contacts the SL that last contacted you via direct coms. -> since S6 contacted you last, it's basically the same as pressing numpad-6.

You could put this button on your mouse for example which would make it way easier than using the numpad. It would also have the nice sideeffect that it would encourage use of direct-coms which would help command-chat-chatter.

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