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Currently true RAAS layout imperfect - Reminder of my RAAS algorithm and online demo

MautiMauti Member Posts: 8 Civilian

Dear Devs,

it's great to see RAAS trying out truly random RAAS layouts. However it seems you don't do any waypoint calculations which result in a zig-zag layout with very strange combinations were e.g. the 2nd and 5th cap are closer to each other than towards the 2nd -> 3rd and 5th -> 4th.

Almost a year ago I released an online demo and Youtube video that explains my alternative idea.

You can check out the Reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/il3jrf/truly_random_raas_an_alternative_to_the_current/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Or you can directly check out the online demo here: https://trufflepiggy.com/squad/raas

My algorithm sets a minimum distance between unorderded caps and then is basically taking into account the pathes between each cap and also the travel and direct distance to the middle cap. To calculate the optimum travel path you can use a simple brute force attempt by calculating the distance of all permutations. It's easily fast enough even for layouts with 9 caps, but is not allowed to have more than 11(due exponential calculations).

If you have questions please let me know.


*DAMN Mauti

ps.: can't post links although I have been very active on the old forum. So please add https to each of them.

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